Considered by many as the “father of modern psychiatric medicine”, Dr. Sigmund Freud is known for creating ‘psychoanalysis’ as a treatment of psychiatric disorders and illnesses. Certainly not everyone agreed with his psychiatric diagnoses, but his work was considered groundbreaking by many in the field during his time. Freud’s studies and theories are still often cited by many in the field of psychiatric medicine as the basis for their own compassionate treatment of patients today.  

While we should always have compassion for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, and especially for those suffering from often debilitating mental afflictions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feel anything but contempt anymore for those suffering from a mental disorder that has seemingly spread like a nasty virus to all quarters of the country. I’m talking about ‘Liberalism’, and specifically about the ‘Barack Obama Syndrome’, which affected the country for eight years, but has been in remission since January of 2017.

While back in 2008 then candidate Barack Obama bemoaned those Americans who he described as “clinging to their religion and guns”, it would seem that in the era of President Donald J. Trump there are a great many liberal Americans who are clinging to the memory of Barack Obama.

It doesn’t matter to them that Barack Obama is more and more recognized by experts and historians as perhaps the worst president in modern American history – perhaps in all of American history. And unlike Dr. Sigmund Freud whose achievements are viewed favorably in his field for the most part, Barack Obama’s only real “achievement” (the sowing of racial discord and unrest in this country, and weakening America internationally), is far from favorably perceived by a growing percentage of Americans who have witnessed what real leadership looks like.

A case in point – perhaps the most unhinged member of Congress though there are many, is Democrat Maxine Waters of California. ‘Maxine the Impeach Machine’ has grown more and more passionate in her very vocal hatred of the current occupant of the White House, President Donald J. Trump.

She has even recently during a speech encouraged followers to accost Trump supporters and administration officials wherever and whenever they are encountered in public. What it comes down to is that ‘The Machine’ is actively promoting verbally and physically attacking political opponents she disagrees with. Somewhat reminiscent of the old ‘Brown Shirts’ of pre-World War II Nazi Germany who dragged political opponents from their homes and off to Nazi death camps .

Waters’ actions most assuredly will ultimately one day likely cause one of her true believers to act upon her exhortations, and harm – or worse kill someone in the Trump Administration. Or perhaps someone else who is simply and innocently walking down the street wearing a “Make America Great Again” red baseball cap.

This roiling political environment has most likely has been encouraged behind the scenes by Barack Obama (who once said that when he left office “his work wasn’t finished”), and his ever-present roommate and puppet master Valerie Jarrett. Both of whom are determined to continue the efforts to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”.

I always found that particular Obama quote curious. On the one hand he extolled the virtues of America as the “greatest country in the world”, followed almost immediately by asking people to join in his effort to “fundamentally transform” what he just had described as already being “the greatest”. I was never sure why “the greatest” needed to be transformed into something else in the first place.

Perhaps the Obama-Jarrett cabal isn’t interested in the vastly improving economy under President Trump, or the reestablishment of American leadership in the world, or the defeat of the brutal terrorist organization ISIS, or what appears to be the end of the Korean War and peace coming to the Korean Peninsula, along with the repatriation of the remains of American soldiers killed during the Korean War and the release of Americans being held prisoner in North Korea. Maybe Obama-Jarrett and their minions are only interested in revolution for revolution’s sake.   

Perhaps this is what Dr. Sigmund Freud was talking about so many years ago. The mental illness that is infecting liberals and the left since January of 2017. 

Image: Charles Dharapak/Associated Press