I realize that what my step-father was doing to me every night was not normal. I covered my secrets and shame by being ‘Little Ms. Perfect’. Why didn’t someone save me when my mother could not–as she felt helpless. It is the adults job to empower children and teach them language of ‘speaking out’. What happens to a child who was not protected as adult survivor of a toxic life? How do they recover?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life as the awesome person you used to be before child abuse and trauma shattered your world? If so, Releasing Your Authentic Self: A Daily Guide to Help Child Abuse and Trauma Survivors Rediscover Themselves is the tool you’ve been searching for. Child abuse teaches you to hide the real you (your authentic self). The exercises in this book were designed to help you release that incredible part of yourself and begin this amazing journey of rediscovery!

Svava Brooks is a survivor of child sexual abuse and the co-founder of a nationwide child sexual abuse prevention and education organization in Iceland called “Blátt áfram.” She is also a certified instructor and facilitator for Darkness to Light Stewards of Children, as well as a certified Crisis Intervention Specialist, a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a BellaNet Teen support group facilitator, a Certified TRE® Provider, and an Abuse Survivor Coach.

The mother of three children, Svava has dedicated her life to ending the cycle of child sexual abuse through education, awareness, and by helping survivors heal and thrive. She is a certified facilitator for Advance! a program created by Connections to restore authentic identity. Every week she writes about healing after trauma on her blog, and also leads a discussion forum on Child Sexual Abuse Healing and Recovery online.
BOOK: Releasing Your Authentic Self:
A Daily Guide to Help Child Abuse and Trauma Survivors Rediscover Themselves

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