I Know You’re In There

I’m aged enough to know, that pretty much All things that go Bump in the night, have a practical reason for disturbing my being. I somehow, still find moments when I need to launch myself to the Mattress and clear that dark void of Nether Region…(which of course, is filled with everything I’ve stored under there). I don’t sleep with my closet open. I investigate every noise, in my mind and while holding my breath. All of this, is done under the protection of my covers and a strong army of pillows.
I can laugh at myself and Often give myself reason to do just that. But, this reflection on my occasional irrationality, ends up giving me a surprising amount of satisfaction. I could blame the knee-jerk reactions on childhood fears, scary movies or books. I guess I might even be able to say that it’s a natural fight or flight response that contributes. Maybe All of that can be wrapped up in there.
I’ve come to a different appreciation, however. I’m satisfied with the notion that I am Still able to stretch my mind and not be numb to the realities of Adulthood. I’m okay with Not having an answer for everything and still being able to feel safe. And when my imagination has the chance to play hooky, I can revel in it for a little while, knowing that I can deal with My world tomorrow. 
The maintenance person can wait. I’m having too much fun right now.

Photo location Killarney National Park, Beaufort, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “I Know You’re In There”