Gold Star Mother
Susan L Price
Mother of U.S. Marine

Gunnery Sgt Aaron M Kenefick, USMC

They say History repeats itself on all fronts of life and death,

That being said, my maternal great-grandmother and I share a generational-bond in the form of an atrocity, experiencing the tragic loss of a child by what is referred to as “THE FOG OF WAR”.

Birthdays, Holidays, especially Memorial Days are filled with the “bittersweet memories” each year as I grapple with my inherited place in time, knowing one of mine is now in spirit.

Gold Star families represent less than 1% of Americans, yet our loss represents “ALL AMERICANS”.  Our sons and daughters, husbands and wives served our country in uniform, giving up their today for our tomorrows natural born Liberties.

There is only one way to enter this “wounded families club” as fate calculates our memberships.

Mirrored by our fallen heroes before us, we see and feel no prejudice, only the colors reflections of the Red, White & Blue of “Old Glory” as she waves freely from our humble abodes.

As a Mother, the giver of LIFE, there is NO DEEPER, Penetrating Pain, than the loss of a child, no matter what age. Each Memorial Day I am once again confronted with the VOID of my own personal hero, my Stellar Marine son, who gave over twelve years of service to our great nation.  My family and I will celebrate his sacred place within our hearts as he was truly the consummate patriot.

All across America we will celebrate this day filled with special tributes, parades, BBQ’s services to honor and recognize our fallen heroes and Veterans.

Often I am invited to speak and participate with the masses of fellow Veterans & Gold Star families, as we acknowledge the United States of America is the home of the free, because of the brave~

My Memorial Day always starting and ending in thoughts and prayer for all who have lost a part of themselves, in order to make our home a better place to live.

I pray for strength and thanksgiving for having raised such a contributing factor to our world, my world, as my beloved son was filled with promise, hope, valor, integrity, love and light for his fellow brother and country.

I pray for peace and healing in these current times, as well as the restoration of Justice in the months and year to follow.

This year Memorial Day takes on a more serious canvas as there is a “not so silent rage” emerging through the homes and streets of America.

Our Country is in deep trouble.  Our Liberties are being challenged and Constitution redefined, tyranny once taking place only on battlefields is now politically migrating into our neighborhoods.

Yet, each year, I am reminded that my son and his brothers in arms did not serve our country in contradiction, while our noble Veterans bear the scars, sights, sounds and smells of terror during conflict, that some in their worst nightmares could never imagine, simultaneously, Gold Star Families, with our empty arms and heavy hearts, represent the other side and consequence of war,

All coming together on this special day to celebrate the lives of those who are now a part of history, for they will NEVER be forgotten as they define the very fabric of America.

Many a tear will be shed by myself and fellow man, not for our blood family alone, yet, for all Americans and humanity as we are a uniquely free country and beacon of light on a global scale.

God Bless America and all who have fought to preserve our rights and privileges.  NEVER will we forget your sacrifices, Always will we be vigilant in your absence.

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