Boo hoo for Michelle Obama. According to her new book that she is now out hawking during appearances with adoring television hosts, poor Michelle couldn’t stop crying for thirty minutes after leaving the White House for the last time, after President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump moved in.

Yes poor Michelle, the first lady with a staff of over twenty aides as compared to her successor Melania’s four aides was apparently beside herself with grief over Donald Trump succeeding her husband, since President Trump openly proclaimed to all that he intended to undo as much as he possibly could of the damage Barack Obama did over his two terms in office.

I’m sure in between sobbing Michelle was cursing and scheming how she and her husband Barack and their roommate Valerie Jarrett could lead the resistance that has fought President Trump tooth and nail every step of the way. A resistance movement that no other president in history has had to deal with coming from his predecessor.

But if Michelle had any real conscience she would weep for the dead of Benghazi, killed while her husband was hiding out in the White House, ostensibly planning for a campaign trip the next day while Americans died on the ground in Libya, abandoned by their president. Or was he otherwise distracted while the brave men and women fought for their lives? No one really seems to know where he was or what he was doing for certain during those desperate hours.

Or maybe she should shed a tear for the many police officers killed in the line of duty as a result of her husband and his attorney general’s war on the police for eight years. After all, her husband helped promote and spread the “hands up don’t shoot” lie, and told us what his son would look like, if his son wasn’t a thug.

God knows many widows and families of the slain officers have shed tears over the loss of their loved ones who were killed over the lies. Lies propagated by the Obama Administration while police officers served their communities with honor and courage day in and day out.

And Michelle could shed tears over the line in the sand that her husband claimed existed in Syria. A line in the sand that was as imaginary then as his more recent claims of being responsible for the great economy now surging under his successor.

Oh there’s plenty that happened during her husband’s eight years that poor Michelle could cry about. The rise of ISIS and the brutal torture, rape, and murder of thousands of innocent people. Which all happened because her husband wanted to desperately leave Iraq, regardless of what the consequences might be. Indeed many Americans weep over the loss of their sons and daughters due to Obama’s capitulation in Iraq, and also his mismanagement of the war in Afghanistan.

And contrary to his claims, Americans definitely were brought to tears as a result of the stagnant economy and unemployment foisted upon this country as a result of Obama’s complete lack of understanding and failure in economics. For eight years Americans suffered financially because of Obama’s incompetence.  

I certainly don’t weep over the departure of Barack Obama and his corrupt, even some would describe as treasonous administration. During his eight years in office the United States apologized for being the world’s leader and the only remaining superpower. But America abandoned the leadership role in the world we have held for the decades since the Second World War.

I weep because her husband did everything he could during his two terms to reduce America’s influence and standing in the world, weakening the United States both politically and militarily. Instead of promoting and defending America, he apologized to them and lectured to us.

So poor multimillionaire Michelle may have wept after leaving the White House. Well I can assure you that many other Americans wept as well. But those tears shed weren’t out of sadness to see the Obama’s leave. They were tears of joy that the Obamas had finally been evicted from the house that belongs to the American people.

Now sit back and count the money from your book sales. And good riddance Michelle, you’ll get no tears of sympathy from me or from many other Americans who are happy to see you and your hatred for our country gone. And replaced by a First Lady who isn’t ashamed to profess her love for the United States of America.