The emotional impact technology has had on our lives has unarguably transformed society. The current generation doesn't know a world without computers; yet for Doc Dave Dockery, there were no computers growing up, no internet, and technology…. well, let's just say it was still in it's infancy stage.

Dockery talks glowingly about technology today! He is well aware that increases in technology often have a downside: but “we will adapt & adjust,” he says.

“Why I am optimistic about mankind's future: If you were to graph Mankind's improvement in any endeavor (medicine, science, biology, mathematics, logic, etc.) it's an exponential curve – looks like a hockey stick – simple explanation of what that means, and an example of decoding the human genome explains its significance. The exponential function: Most people use the “intuitive linear” view of history instead of the “historical exponential” view,” explains Dockery.

Doc Dave Dockery is the President of the Tampa Bay Computer Society, TBCS: Free computer repair $50 per year 50+ tech classes each month. We hold at least one “Random Act of Kindness Free Computer Clinic” each year Recent act of kindness: We put Linux on almost a dozen laptops for a local church. The church makes the laptops available to some developmentally disabled people. Cool, eh?