Have you ever been a situation where you thought you were living independently of everyone else? Perhaps, you do not know you are not alone in this world. Maybe you think that if anything good happens in your life; you will be totally responsible for it. After all, no one has reached out to help you, or have they?

When the children of Israel met God for the first time; they were afraid of Him.

The only thing they knew about God was what they had been told. They had been in Egypt for over 400 years and the oracles concerning this God they could not see; were by no means strong in the camp. As the years past those stories of their ancestry and the God of their ancestors had become almost like a fairy tale. They had lost their luster.

However, the God of whom their ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob referred to, had not lost sight of His people. He wanted them to know who HE was.  He told Moses to tell them “I AM” has sent you.

They now had a name for Him. He was the “I AM.” The children of Israel could now identify with God in a way they never had before. Today’s teaching is a continuation of God revealing Himself to people who had heard about Him but have never known who He is. Listen as you learn more about the names of God in today’s message, “I AM JEHOVAH TISKENU” THE LORD YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.