There was a time in America when your personal honor was valued above all else. You remember the old axiom one would use before going into battle? “We mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor”. 

That line meant something. It meant that you were serious; your word was your bond and if you got caught you would hang for your beliefs and your word. That was a time when we saw the immoral acts of a king laid upon the people of the New World. They were expected to bear the burden of the taxation, withstand the repressive hand of government and show obedience in all things or pay the ultimate penalty. 

In that time the concepts of justice, let alone the practice of justice was far from the lives of the people who suffered under this system. So great was the burden that the people rose up with full knowledge of their actions and the consequences that might engulf them.

It was time when your word and your honor meant something, when truth had a greater meaning than simply muttered words seeded with lies in pursuit of your best interest and everyone else be damned. A time when if you said a thing, you did a thing, no matter the personal cost.

To do otherwise was to have the moniker of “Hypocrite” tied around your neck like a heavyweight, pulling you down from not only your financial position, but more importantly from you position in the community, your honor destroyed.

Ahhh, those were the days. 

Today, we see so many, especially in our government view Hypocrisy as a non-factor; not a thing to be concerned about, and in some circles a virtue if you beat the system. A smug look on your face and a snicker at the expense of the fool who believed you⏤is your trademark and claim to fame.

If you have to lie to get the deal, you lie.
If you have to make promises you never intend to keep, you make them.
If you said you would do something to gain the confidence of another but you never intended to do it, good for you as long as you get what you want.

Saying one thing and doing another, staking a bedrock belief, then changing it completely when your team gets in trouble and double talking your way around it if you are called on⏤the switch is seen as a skill in our modern world of treachery, lies and politics.

How far we have come from honor and decency.

Of course, this groundwork has led me directly to the current impeachment farse we are witnessing right before our eyes.

How many times can we see Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler in old news footage screaming about the Bill Clinton Impeachment and how it was unfair and how no President should be impeached without a clear majority of the American People backing it and a complete bipartisan agreement that impeachment was correct.

Even in recent days as the same two icons of virtue, truth and honor⏤pursued President Trump in this illegitimate impeachment charade⏤it was Nancy Pelosi who said impeachment was not proper if it wasn’t bipartisan, then she gets a vote on the rules for the impeachment and it is not bipartisan in any way except that while no republican voted for the impeachment rules, two democrats voted against it⏤making it bipartisan against proceeding!

Did she stop, did she take these facts into account, did she reconcile this with her stated beliefs and act properly as she has sworn to do? Did she demonstrate honor? No, she went ahead anyway, tying the heavyweight of hypocrisy around her own neck, blinded by both fear of her radical socialist party members and her hatred of Trump. All the while cheered on by countless other hypocrites in her party and in the media, and I suspect in the hearts of lesser than honorable men and women in the Republican party as well, the NeverTrumpers.

Oh, but wait, there’s more…. 

The impeachment inquiry itself was a primer on how to conduct a one-sided, and illegitimate investigation fraught with fake witnesses, hearsay evidence, lies and a great big helping of hypocrisy.           

Using the levers of power to control the testimony and keep it limited to the handpicked people they wanted to tell their story and push their fairy tale, much like the Mueller investigation was fraught with lies and inuendo and no real facts; where good people were slandered and threatened and high profile traitors were allowed to gloat on TV and sell books.

As if all of this fictional nonsense wasn’t enough, after the joke of an investigation we watched Ms. Pelosi make an impassioned case that impeachment must happen immediately because Trump is such a dangerous man, she tallied her votes, got her impeachment and then sat on them for weeks.

What happened to the need for immediacy? What was the rush, was she afraid Trump would kill a terrorist or make another watershed trade deal if she didn’t stop him? We may never know because no one will ask her, no one in the press anyway, at least they won’t ask any real questions.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gives pens after she signed the resolution of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Susan Walsh/AP photo

That brings us to the now⏤in this mess.

After her foolish attempt to play a game with the Senate and try to control the process⏤she turns over the articles of impeachment by parading them through the halls of congress with as much reverence as she would if they came up with a new abortion law, all the while demanding that the Senate process be “fair” and “just” and “open” and “inclusive of new information”, you know just like the process she oversaw in the impeachment inquiry in the House. 

This is enough to make a Patriot sick.

I have said all along that if the President did something illegal then he should face the consequences. The facts in this sham reveal very clearly that this entire past three years was nothing more than a treacherous political game of smoke and mirrors, a game in which we all lose.

Our FBI, the greatest law enforcement agency in the world was corrupted and used like a bludgeon against an American citizen. Our intelligence agencies were bastardized and turned into daggers to hurt an American citizen. Our media revealed itself as nothing more than a lying group of anti-American partisans determined to destroy a duly elected American citizen and deprive all of us of our choice and opportunity for the future. 

And on display, standing tall, glittering in the light of the new glory, adored by the fools who see honor in winning at all cost, is hypocrisy. This is a testament to our new value system. It is the new virtue. 

A re-telling of this fiasco by historians a hundred years from now will probably come up with a neat nick name for this period of time, much like the tea pot done scandals, or the Tammany Hall corruption of years gone by. 

I wonder who we will be then, as a people. Will our next generations shake their heads in disbelief at what we have tolerated.

Will they recoil at the thought that the people of our time, unlike our forefathers, did not pledge our lives, fortunes and very honor to the cause of liberty, justice and truth, but instead embraced the darker side of ourselves and allowed hatred to rule the day?

I hope they are better than us, I hope they will have seen the light and fought back from the place we seem headed. 

Better yet, I hope we can turn America around. Honor and decency and your word are still important.