Many women constantly complain about their husband’s behavior. Why is that? Why are there so many failed marriages and constant arguing?

Well, according to studies, most women don’t simply gossip about their husbands but are really stressed out by them. Even though it is a widespread belief to blame the stress on the children, in reality the tension comes from the husband. A survey conducted by Today of over 7,000 moms found that the average mom rates her stress levels an 8.5 out of 10, and 46% of women say their husbands are causing more stress than their kids! Researchers summarized:

  • Moms stress most about not having enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done
  • 3 in every 4 moms with partners say they do most of the parenting and household duties
  • 1 in every 5 moms says not having enough help from their spouse is a major source of daily stress

Well, here is the reason for this problem and how you can fix it.

Lack of Support & High non-Communicated Expectations

The most crucial thing in a marriage is the need for support. If one partner doesn’t support the other one, the parenting won’t function properly. The other reason being each partner has expectations but in most cases, they are not communicated to the other partner until one partner is overwhelmed and stressed. As a result, the couple will have a difficulty properly upbringing, training, and teaching their child.

Why Does It Happen?

Well, when a woman chooses her partner and plans to form a family, they rarely ask their husbands if they are ready to put everything aside and contribute to their children. Women believe that it will somehow work out. However, most husbands focus on their ideas and things they want to do, so they leave the work of raising a child to their wife, unless there is open communication. Of course, there are exceptions. But, most of the time, women claim that they lack support from their husbands for raising the children. Men, on the other hand, defended themselves by claiming that the problem lies in the fact that women don’t ask for help.

Therefore, men believe that their wife has everything under control. However, women want men to be the ones who won’t need a reminder to take care of their child. They claim that men shouldn’t wait to be called. Instead, they should come and help willingly.

After 20 years of experience counseling couples, it is my belief and understanding that there is lack of proper communication and a lot of misunderstandings from both sides. In this show with my guest Saru Juran we talk about the problems and recommendation for couples to deal with this very growing problem among couples.

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