There are so many things to write about in these times. Things that are wrong, and stupid, and dishonorable, and even evil. But today, I have to speak to goodness, and courage and heroism. Only a few short months ago, my husband and I moved our lives from California to Texas. I now have a clear vision why, and you see it every moment of every day after Harvey hit Texas with a wallop never before encountered here. One wonders why some natural disasters are met with looting and selfishness and greed, and this disaster has been met with helpfulness and courage and generosity.

This is Texas.

It is one of the last great frontiers in America. This is where people still believe in God and country and laws, and fight to keep those ideals in their everyday life. They teach their kids to be respectful and unselfish. They teach them to respect the law and law enforcement officers. They go to Church and most places are closed on Sunday’s so people can be with their God and their families. We can carry our handguns, and we use them to hurt others less often than those states that have anti second amendment laws. It is a place that when you move in to a neighborhood, the neighbors bring you cookies, or dinner, or a pie to welcome you. We get to know our neighbors instead of living next to someone for years and never know their name. It’s a place that when my silly dog goes to chase a deer for adventure, someone I don’t know, a mile down the country road puts her in their yard and calls me to say Desi is over here and safe, so get her when you can. It’s a place that when I put a note on the neighborhood e-mail tree, I can get a good fence builder (no more chasing deer for Desi), or a golden piece of property for my son to move here too, or anything I need. Because Texans are different. Because they get what life is about.

You don’t see them on T.V. blaming anyone for Harvey, or asking for handouts, or stealing from their neighbors. You see heartwarming scenes of Americans helping Americans. There is no color or religion or rich or poor in their vision, it is just people. The courage of the first responders as well as the courage and heroism of everyday people has been heartwarming, heart wrenching, and a beautiful thing for all America and the world to witness. The loss here is staggering, but there is little time to cry, just time to dig in and help each other. I am so proud to be a Texan, even a new one. Texas is a shining example of humanity for all the world. They exemplify the people that built this great country and don’t have time to go tear down our historical monuments, or protest about whose lives matters more than others, because here, they all matter.

These Texans will get their homes and their cities and their Churches and schools and businesses, and their lives rebuilt like only Texans can, with no whining, and before you know it. They don’t care what shoes Melania wears, or what hat the President wears, they sincerely care that they were here and they cared enough to show it.

My family left California because the government there cannot tax us as people and business owners enough, cannot let enough felons out of prison and cannot bring in and support enough illegal aliens, and cannot build and maintain roads, no matter how much money they take from the people. We needed to find a place to call home, and Texas welcomed us with open arms.

And to the media, the heroic courage of these Texans is a testament to, and an example of how people in America live; not the ones you spend all your time reporting about, the angry few of society, the protesters, the Trump haters, the Black Lives Matter, the White Supremacists and other factions who live and breed hate, these are the silent majority of Americans who live right and do right every day

I am so sad and sorry for the tragedies that have come from Hurricane Harvey to the people of this great state. But I believe that in the wake of this tragedy, Texans have shown the entire world what they are made of, and it’s the good stuff.

Texas = Heroic Courage