Upon leaving his position as head of Russia’s communist party, Mikhail Gorbachev recognized an opportunity to breathe new life into his quest that Marxist/Leninist politics dominate the human race. His plan was to take over the environmental movement that was spreading across the world. It already had precepts of the communist philosophy that makes all us all subservient to government. 

Gorbachev also recognized that many people were open to the idea that the protection of nature and its eco-systems was more important than satisfying the desires of humans. While most people would object to being slaves to the government, he recognized that they are more willing to become enslaved by Mother Nature. Of course, it was always the new Wizards of Oz, human puppeteers supposedly calling the shots for Nature, working behind the curtains.

Part 1:  How Environmentalism Has Kept Communism Alive
Part 2:  The Crossroads of Communism and the Radical Environmental Movement
Part 3:  Human Puppeteers Calling the Shots for Mother Nature

In a new book from The Epoch Times “How the Spector of Communism is Ruling Our World,” the authors state under the heading Political Infiltration: Building a World Government:

“It is difficult to politically impose communism in the democratic Western world, which values individual rights, private ownership, rule of law, and free markets. The radical environmental movement requires the power of the government to compel people to part with their assets and their lives of comfort and convenience.”

Radical environmentalists are not interested in taking over a single country or even many. Ruling the whole world is their only goal. So, an all-powerful United Nations and ultimately a one-world-government is their path to success. Practically no vehicle other than climate change has a chance at achieving this. After all, the climate is everywhere on Earth and, for the environmental/communist movement to succeed, everywhere on earth must be controlled. It makes no difference to them that it is impossible to control the climate. Climate is merely an extension of weather and everyone knows that weather forecasts are notoriously inaccurate. This is because the weather is simply nature trying to equilibrate the balance of energy transmitted to the Earth by the Sun. It is a never-ending, multi-level show of complex physics trying to overcome imbalances and irregularities too numerous to accurately quantify.

Ironically, the power-hungry environmental movement has the richest and most influential allies on the planet to support them, people who originally made their wealth under one form of capitalism or another. It seems to be human nature that, once people achieve extreme wealth and have all that money can buy, all that is left for them to seek is power. That power cannot be achieved through any real form of democracy. But it can be and has been achieved through socialism/communism. In the online publication Quartz, China tech reporter Jane Li writes (China is rapidly producing new billionaires despite Covid-19, October 20, 2020):

China added 257 billionaires in US dollar terms as of August, adding to the existing 621, according to the annually released Hurun China Rich List on Tuesday (Oct. 20) … Overall, China has 878 billionaires, the highest number the country has ever seen. As recently as 1999, there was not a single billionaire in China.

China first surpassed the US in the number of billionaires in 2015 and now has more of them than any country in the world, according to Hurun.

A reasonable question to ask is, ‘given that radical environmentalism hugely benefits China at the expense of the west, how much of the western environmental movement is propped up by Chinese billionaires?’

Regardless, it seems to be the quest for political power and influence that is the single most important reason why the owners of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are all warriors for the man-caused climate change fraud. All that is left for them to control is the world.

Those who have lived in communist China, as have the owners of The Epoch Times, can easily see that controlling carbon dioxide emissions gives you control over the energy sources used by countries. And controlling humanity’s energy sources can give you control of the world through a totalitarian system. If eco-activists can eliminate dependable fossil fuels, then our increasingly dictatorial governments will have to ration periodic wind and solar power which is clearly part of their plan.

People with science training and a cursory understanding of how we produce energy by burning coal, oil, and natural gas recognize that we cannot replace all this with flimsy and expensive wind and solar power. Yet that is exactly what the liberal democratic/socialist party plans for us. The mistake we make, however, is thinking that our soon-to-be socialist leaders are so dumb that they think their plan will maintain America’s standard of living. They and their radical environmentalist allies know full well their plan cannot work, leading to the aforementioned energy rationing. How better to control society than control the energy, electricity, and fuel we are allowed to use? They want to bring the entire population to its knees and be dependent on government dictates with no way out when the lights are turned off, appliances don’t work, cars won’t run, homes are freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer, and prices of food go through the roof. These people are not dumb, but they sure are evil.

Radical environmentalists use their carefully-constructed ideology to curtail individual freedom.

In Western countries, creating visions of an impending environmental catastrophe became a convenient means of persuading people to give up their rights. In the United States, communism has spread under the names of socialism, progressivism, and liberalism but it has all spread the Marxist philosophy in a slow process over decades. It started in the Soviet Union and now has brought the Chinese Communist Party to our gates after destroying Cuba and Venezuela.

The ideology uses seemingly righteous concepts such as equality and political correctness to confuse people. It has infiltrated education, media, and art destroying traditions of religion, morality, and culture wherever it is embraced. 

In his 2018 book, “Socialism Is Evil: The Moral Case Against Marx’s Radical Dream,” by conservative commentator Justin Haskins of The Heartland Institute, he described the imminent threat to America that our youth have not experienced the true evils of socialism and communism in societies ruled by these ideologies, such as China, Cuba, Russia, and Venezuela. Millennials think European-style democratic socialism looks reasonable, and in some cases, even idyllic. Hence, some naively believe socialism is superior to capitalism. In Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) many illogical rants, during which he offers college education, health care, and virtually everything else for “free,” he has led many to believe socialism is the cure for all their problems. 

In Aldous Huxley’s brilliant novel Brave New World, socialism was indeed achieved. It just required the daily ingestion of a little pill that eliminated individual thought. Whatever problems exist in a capitalist society, they pale in comparison to the moral tragedies that must accompany Marx’s socialism. We must use what’s left of our freedom of speech to alert everyone to this growing monster in our midst and do everything in our power to stop it before it’s too late.

Part 1:  How Environmentalism Has Kept Communism Alive
Part 2:  The Crossroads of Communism and the Radical Environmental Movement
Part 3:  Human Puppeteers Calling the Shots for Mother Nature