It is time to Defund the Hollywood and Professional Sports Thought Police!

Professional athletes and Hollywood “stars” don’t hide what they think of you.

“Racism is systemic” in the US they say. It means that you are a racist.

This is the Democrat way to dehumanize you.

And after they dehumanize you, they can do to you what they are doing to our statues and monuments.

They can do it, because you pay them.


Isn’t it a bit strange that professional athletes and actors of Hollywood depend on our dollars. Without us paying for tickets, purchasing cable services with them on it, they have nothing.

We supposed racists…  we the sub-humans, are apparently supposed to keep smiling, keep paying, as they kick us in the teeth.

Now, no more!!

Stopping them is simple. Stop giving them money. We can survive without Netflix. We can survive without watching them on TV. If we love sports, watch college and high school sports. If we want adventure and action, read a great book.


The director of the National Football League, Roger Goodell, which pocketing $40 million yearly out of our pockets, calls us racists. Says we must kneel, and support kneelers in the NFL football games.

Let’s send him onto the unemployment line, cut off all funding to the NFL, filled with players that hate us, and dehumanize us.

To their hate, we reply firmly: call me a racist, dehumanize me, and you don’t get my money.
No more.
Not ever.
Good bye.

THINK ABOUT IT: Professional athletes and Hollywood actors are dehumanizing you. They are getting you ready to become victims.  

They are pushing the mob to come for you, like the mob is coming for statues and monuments.

Send them money for sports or films? No way! Find other things to watch and keep yourselves safe from the mob. Spend your money elsewhere. Feel better and be safer.

Every time we hear the insane left call for defunding the police, we redouble our own efforts to Defund the Thought Police. We will win when we fight. Share this with your friends. Victory awaits.

Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer working in pandemic economic risk reductions for business and industry. His most recent book tells about the efforts of the Democrat Deep State to undermine the President’s pandemic program, including reported saboteurs inside the Pandemic Task Force itself.  The book, A VOYAGE IN IMAGINATION … “OPERATION CROSSFIRE MODERNA” is available on Amazon.