The world is in a state of crisis with an epidemic and anxiety, stress and fear. How do we prepare to keep our peace? How do we navigate these waters where the soul is troubled.

Jesus taught His followers to not let their hearts be troubled. His message of the Kingdom of God was one of Peace and “Fearlessness.” Yet, we see the world full of what Jesus came to take out of us. How do we manage to move from the place of fear and anxiety to a place of peace and rest.

The message of the Kingdom is a life of “easy and light burdens.” Today’s teaching provides more revelations into the knowledge of God and His Word being one of peace and rest in Him. As you listen to today’s teaching on “How To Stand When Everything Is Falling” you will learn that you are not alone in your struggles.

You will soon discover how God made a way through Jesus to lead you into a place of eternal rest in this earth walk. You were designed to think like a winner, have the mind of a champion and grow in grace. You have access to all that is Heaven right now on earth. You are the child of The King created in His image to be a new species of being that never existed before.

You are God’s Child!
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