Have you ever considered how heavy your mental/emotional body is?

What does that even mean, right?

People use language to describe emotions as light or heavy based on their experience of them. When someone is happy, in love, or in positive expectation they feel light. Think “Zippity Do Da,” the song from Jungle Book.

On the other-hand, other emotions like sadness, despair, or loss of hope have been described as an inability to breathe, weight on the chest, heavy load on the shoulders, or an overall low or down state, which lends to the concept of certain emotions or thoughts being weighty or heavy.

What if your thoughts need a diet to release the excess emotional weight?

There is one place to start that may seem simple but is not easy.

This is the Judgment Diet.

When we judge, both ourselves or others, we add mental/emotional weight to our bodies.

Why is that?

First of all, we are always judging and will continue to judge because that is simply what the mind does. Consider your mind as a receiver and that all thoughts are spiralling around just like radio waves or wifi signals. Carl Jung, a famous Swiss Psychologist, coined this phenomena as the collective consciousness.

The thoughts that stick, and loop, and hang around longer than needed that gunk up your system, those are the judgments you want to shed. Shaking those sneaky judgments off will automatically clear our your mind and in turn lighten your mood.

Examples of Toxic Judgments:

(You might think in them in passing, but can delete and release them by bringing your consciousness to them, and deciding you no longer need them.)

That person doesn’t speak English well,

They must be stupid.

That person doesn’t pray,

They are going to go to hell.

That person’s shirt is wrinkled,

They must not care, or are a slob.

That person is taller than me,

They are better.

That person has more education,

Why even try to compete against them.

…..and so on.

The snap judgments that move through our minds hundreds of times a day have also been given a title recently to capture the toxicity of thoughts that continue to loop or seem true just because everyone else is doing it, or that is all someone knows.

Unconscious bias (or implicit bias) is often defined as prejudice or unsupported judgments in favor of or against one thing, person, or group as compared to another, in a way that is usually considered unfair.

Unconscious bias, is exactly the type of judgments we need to release, and make room for curiosity, wonder, and lots of “I don’t know.” We simply cannot know all the infinite factors of a person or their lives, and therefore we create more space within ourselves, when we cease to box other people into convenient categories based on judgments.

On and and on, the noise of judgements will keep going unless you decide to take charge of your mind and choose what you want to keep and what you want to let go of.

Just like any diet, you put in nourishing foods or you put in foods you know don’t digest well leading to lack of vitality and the ability to be present.

It’s all about energy.

Judgments we refuse to question naturally bog down our lives with mental clutter, which leads to emotional back-up that doesn’t properly flow. Our energy then cannot express its full potential. So many people walk around mentally/emotionally obese and do not know it.

When we are in flow, when we naturally release toxic judgments or the need to know, or understand, fix everything. We can release heavy emotions and have quicker access to natural gratitude and acceptance when we purge reactive judgments from our minds.

If you want access to more feelings of joy, happiness and confidence, then try questioning and releasing reactive judgments from your mental habits.

You will probably even drop some belt notches too!

Here’s the Judgement Diet for Mental/Emotional health and levity:

  1. Notice your thoughts…without judging them.
  2. Still, no judging, feel into your body to determine if thoughts that keep repeating are even true or need to stay active in your mind. (For instance, replaying an argument won’t resolve it is keeping you from the breeze on your cheek or the laughter of your kids, or just the pleasantness of being in the moment. )
  3. Start to be comfortable with space in your mind without the need to fill it with busy-ness or noise.  Allow the mind to just be, which essentially is why so many people are practicing meditation nowadays, is to create space rather than keeping up with the noise.
  4. As you question thoughts more and more. “Is this true?” “Do I need to keep thinking about this?”  “Is this thought enhancing myself in anyway?”
  5. Check out Byron Katie’s work called www.thework.com, where she shares the powerful question in her 4 step process, “who would I be without this thought?” That’s a good one!
  6. Try a brain dump onto paper for the really sticky thoughts that won’t budge.  Just let your hand write what is in your head, no censoring or of course no judging either 😉
  7. Consider that you do not need to know everything to be worthy or safe, and that you can let go of control

Easy Peezy right?

This will take time, but if you are feeling burdened by life, overwhelmed, weighed down, and like you don’t have enough time…

The Judgment Diet exercise is for you.