Early this week I was asked to run a training for Founders (Entrepreneurs) about finding clarity in times of the unknown and chaos.

While my online business of 10 years was trucking along during a global pandemic, I started to realize I was being slightly selfish by not sharing more tools to navigate this time with clarity, authenticity and confidence.

In the beginning of Covid, I’m not going to lie, I was nervous and insecure about the future. What if all my clients didn’t see this work as “essential” and leave?…OMG. Then, to my delightful surprise, nothing changed. My clients stayed and in fact more came! My fearful beliefs were proven wrong.

But, how did I hold it together?

These tips below in today’s article from the training I ran this week are part of the how. I walked my talk, and tuned into my own voice to lead me. Not the news, not the “experts”, my own voice.

You can call this intuition, guidance, God, The universe….”it” doesn’t actually care what it’s called btw, it is an unlimited, infinite creative energy we all came from and can all return to. It’s in our bones, it’s in our Being.

“The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things.” – Tao te Ching by Lao Tzu

When we can tune back into our own intelligence systems, we can re-source back to our infinite intelligence as a daily guide. Cool eh?

Tuning into your voice is like your own cell phone line to your truth. You can ask, and you can receive. But, you need to learn how to discern and listen.

1/  You have to be in your Body, here and now. Be in your Body, in this room, in this moment. Call back all of you by saying a command, “All of me is here now.”

Presence is not something you achieve on a mountaintop. It is a way of being. You can BE while doing. But you can’t get to Being from doing alone. It is You being here, Now. That’s it. No one was taught in school how to practice presence, but you can start now.

Don’t worry, you can build these vibrational muscles! 

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Your subconscious mind is IN your body. If you are not in your body you are cutting off significant resources to your own truth and clarity. This kind of intelligence requires you to trust more, and relinquish control over every little thing. What if your intelligence could work for you 24/7, while your mind obediently focuses on the tasks at hand? Well…that’s what it’s supposed to do. Relying on your cognitive mind alone is exhausting, lonely, and overwhelming.

“The subconscious mind can process 20 000 000 bits of info per second. The conscious mind can only process 40 bits of info per second. So the subconscious mind can process 500 000 time more what the conscious mind is able to.”

Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief

2/   If you don’t manage your mind – it has you, you don’t have it. When your mind, or anyone’s mind, is left to run amuck, you are scattered, ungrounded, and susceptible to hear other people’s truths as your own without any discernment. You feel rushed when your mind leads. 

When your mind leads you can feel like you are running out of time, and this creates fear. This fear is NEVER the place to make decisions from. You don’t want to make decisions from reactions. You want to get present, tune in, be in your body, then feel. This allows your mind and heart and body to all chime in, and give you an answer. This is intuition on demand.


Your mind requires focus in order to function.

If you let it run around, it’s like an untrained puppy that will pee on your carpet and make messes you have to clean up later, taking more time and more energy, that you do not have. Train your mind as if it’s a puppy. Gentle, non-judgey, stern but not harsh, and CONSISTENT.

Be Gentle, Slow, and Kind when learning anything new. You are as loveable and deserving as a puppy, so stop being a jerk to yourself.

MIND DOMINANCE- We are living in a “mind dominant” society. Where the mind leads the show. We need our body, and heart and Spirit/Energy to live and create from our most powerful self.  With just the mind, we are energetically and intellectually impaired. We need ALL our resources and intelligence systems to hear our own voice.

Tool 1 File Closing– close all the mental files. Get present by mentally shutting down open files in your head. These are any thoughts that are not pertinent to what is in front of you in the moment.

Here is a great video resource about the power of focusing our mind.

You CAN train your mind, just like training a puppy. Anything else is an excuse.

Tool 2 Brain Dump– if file closing doesn’t work try a brain dump. Don’t write well or grammatically, just dump the contents of your brain on paper- no editing, no censoring, pure brain dump. (And don’t judge what comes out, just get it out. (kinda like an actually bathroom dump, ya know, let it go.)

3/  Heart Center- The place to tune in, where you hear individualized  guidance (your gut, god, the universe) Energy translates into perceivable intelligence in your heart centre). You can’t think your way there, it is a state of presence and feeling.

You can’t fake it.

It is an experience.

FEEL the sensations, FEEL the experiences. Stay with them. There is a space that begins to meet you, that space between the thoughts. That’s where you want to go to access intuition, powerful decision making, and also to clear gunky emotions that impact your present day experience. To create from creation and not just reaction, use this space, and make friends with it to access clarity and inspiration to act on your next steps.

Tool – Heart Breathing:  This is Vibrational Pushups

2 min 

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Extra resources about the heart space- check out the Heart Math Institute

4/  Give from Overflow  Tune up and Plug in with an EARTH and UNIVERSE re-fill. We get tapped out when we go-go-go and don’t take as little as 2min to fill up. Your cell phone needs to plug in, and you plan for that right? Why not plan for your own re-fill time? Set a reminder on your phone, put up post its, do whatever it takes to fill up regularly and tune in.

For a process to fill up.

Earth- Roots reaching up to you-as you connect down to them, gravity hugging you, receiving from the earth magnetic field to cleanse and re-fill.

Personal Sun above your head filling your brain and nervous system.

Heart- middle- The space between front of chest and back shoulder blades.

5/  RECEIVE to balance the GIVING. Just like breathing, or the ocean- ebb and flow.

Over doing, over thinking, overwhelm… over controlling, these states create disempowered humans that only react and cannot respond and create from their higher nature. The world needs tuned up leaders now more than ever. You can’t afford NOT to be responsible for your energy and state as you create your enterprise.

Basically, you need more trust, more intrinsic safety, so you don’t look outside yourself for your personal authority. That is how you hear your own voice louder than the noises of other’s and the world. 

You can develop all of these qualities by training your mind to serve you, tuning-in to the intelligence and energy of your emotions (not reactions), and being in your body as much as you are in your head. When you do these simple things you are re-sourcing yourself. You then have the power to self-source at anytime and are not susceptible to the fears and noise of the outside world. You have grace, dominion, power, and intelligence to act. You are allowing all of your intelligence to get online, so to speak, here and now. 

Who doesn’t need that?! Right?

As you practice these tools, and tune into your voice and inner resources, your life will maintain power, presence, peace and trust and your projects will take on an entirely new paradigm of flow, synchronicity and ease. You will still have challenges, of course, but now you will be energetically prepared and resourced to meet them.

You can do this! 🙂

It is your nature.