Wouldn’t It be nice to be able to build any life you want? What would your life look like if you could build it the way you really felt it should be? This show will remind you of the awesome gift we have been graced with by God to build a life that will be exciting, happy and loving all from within our own souls! This show will empower you to take a closer look at the way you are living your life and encourage you to make a decision to rethink and rebuild the kind of life that you will give testimony to through your story. How to customize your life is not just a hype but a true thought provoking message to transform your life today. 

Kelli Cooper is a coach who specializes in the law of attraction. She focuses on addressing misconceptions about the teaching, and helps bridge the gap between the theory and ‘reality’ of manifesting, which can be quite different given our ‘humanness.’ She applied these principles with great success in her own life, namely creating a successful location-independent business she runs while traveling the world with her husband. “I specialize in law of attraction in my coaching because I have seen first-hand what sorts of changes we can create in our lives when we work on ourselves at the level of energy. By shifting our focus, and clearing out the energies and beliefs that are not serving us, our life can begin changing instantly. More and more I am realizing who we really are and what we are capable of, and I want to help other people discover this as well,” says Cooper.

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