Hand Sanitizer and Toilet paper. 

I have mine, are you stocked up?

I’m joking about this, there is only so much people need. We are witnessing survival tendencies at a large scale.

Hoarding out of fear of scarcity is just a natural tendency of any mammal. I live in a cottage surrounded by trees and watch how chubby the squirrels get as they scurry around gathering provisions for the winter.

We are going through a type of winter all together. Hibernating in our homes, and waiting out harsh conditions. We forget we are a hardy species. Nature adapts and grows during times of challenge, and we will adapt and grow too.

Don’t take offense or be too surprised when people around you act in selfish ways, they are just scared.

Put your focus back on your own life, and the things you can control. People are going to behave in defensive and reactive ways for a while to come, very few people are ever taught how to manage when emotions are high and outcomes are unknown. It is a good time to focus on what you can control.

You can control the strength of your immune system, so I wanted to share my tips about that this week.

It is healthy to control what you can control. It builds up your confidence when you make small decisions that contribute to your wellbeing consistently. 

Now is a great time to kick start a health plan or any form of self improvement. Keep in mind that all or nothing is not the best path to health. Taking a slow, steady, and authentic approach is key. Create your life as your ideal you, do your best, and this will help you brave the storm. 

The Immunity Big Guns

MANAGING FEAR – is one of the most important steps in increasing your natural immunity.

* “The main types of immune cells are white blood cells. … When we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced. That is why we are more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system (e.g. lowers the number of lymphocytes).” * Stress, Illness and the Immune System

Avoid watching the news for too long. Limit the amount of exposure to things that freak you out. Set a timer on your screen time, and focus your energy on your wellbeing instead.

Washing your hands thoroughly.

Getting adequate sleep (6-8+ hours).

Vitamin C. I personally take a bunch on the first days of feeling run down, or if I am travelling.

Fresh vegetables and fruit.

Ginger and Tumeric (google recipes and you will find a million) I put turmeric and cinnamon in my coffee for a spicy morning pick me up.

Fresh juices and smoothies are a great way to get all the goodness of fresh foods and frozen foods into your cells.

Drink lots of liquids to help your body stay hydrated and flush out toxins. (water, water with lemon, tea, etc…)

I use Oregano Oil for viruses. (It is STRONG. Have OJ for a chaser to cut the sting of the flavour)

Check our your local health store for the herbal immune boosting classics of echinacea, reishi mushroom, and others.

Move your body regularly. Aim for 20 min a day.

** These are only personal suggestions, not medical advice. Always make choices in accordance with your medical professionals.

Other Tips for Optimal Immune Function:

  • Avoid (too much) Sugar.
  • Deep Breathe for 2-4 min. Don’t put crazy expectations of not thinking thoughts or feeling zen, just breathe and feel your body. Take a pause and breathe.
  • Stop thoughts that are not making you feel good, limit the amount of time thinking or talking about things you cannot control. For some, knowing more or talking about worries might seem like a way to feel in control, when in all actuality it is draining, and non-generative to speculate and fixate on what is out of your hands.
  • Embrace your sensuality. Have essential oils, or other things that smell nice handy to experience and enjoy. Have fresh plants or flowers around. Take a walk and mindfully notice the smell of fresh air, the sensations on your skin, how the sun feels, or how micro droplets of water from the morning fog is experienced. Feeling your senses brings you back into your body, which is necessary to feel relaxed and safe.
  • Try to manage stress in relationships by being more kind. Be kind to yourself and others. People act whacky when they are scared. Create a space where people can BE, and choose kindness more than being right.
  • Laugh, take it easy. Laughing is amazing for our body and spirit, and in turn for our immune system.
  • Stay connected, and avoid over-isolating. Reach out to people if you are feeling really stressed or just connect to connect. We are a social species and feel stronger when we know we are not alone. Social distancing does not mean isolating.