With the globalist-proclaimed defeat of President Trump, the progressive globalist movement secured its victory over the American Republic and with it won its greatest victory, a victory that is already changing our world from top to bottom. While we have no historical perspective on this momentous event, it is not too early to begin asking how this could have happened and what could have been done to achieve a diametrically opposite outcome.

After all, the globalist movement is far from being victorious everywhere around the globe. While it has managed to conquer most of Western Europe and North America, Eastern Europe yet stands and so do Israel, Japan, India, China, Brazil, all of the Muslim countries, Russia, and more. Among all of these, China requires special consideration, so we shall leave it for later. As to others, the divide between losers and winners in the war against globalism is clear; countries that yet maintain their ethnocentric and religious identities were able to withstand the globalists’ assaults, while those that do not succumb to it.

Small nation-states like Israel, Poland, and Hungary showcase one mode of resistance. While their populations appear to be in most ways western, they yet consist of substantially one single ethnic group (Jews, Poles, Hungarians), a group whose members are attached to each other with deep historical and linguistic ties. Most importantly, these countries, while politically liberal democracies, all have what amounts to state religions; Judaism in Israel, and Catholicism in Poland and Hungary (though Western Hungary is protestant and Israel has a 25% or so Muslim minority).

In India as well, resistance to globalism is rooted in Indians’ (both Hindu and Muslim) deep devotion to their ethnic roots be they Tamil, Hindi, or other, their many native languages, and their respective religions of Hinduism and Islam. 

In Japan, globalism can find no purchase because of the Japanese deep tribalism and resistance to foreigners, both of which date back to their island geography and their self-imposed isolation through much of the second half of the second millennium.

For globalism to win, three conditions must be met: the destruction of ethnic unity, destruction of racial unity, and destruction of cultural and most importantly religious unity. Atheism, racial and ethnic diversity, and cultural ignorance is the toxic brew that destroys national defenses and allows globalism to take root and eventually take over. This is what has been happening in North America and in Western Europe. Far from being an organic process, this is a process that was intentionally fostered by the pan-global progressive globalist movement since the end of the Second World War. 

With the unlikely election of President Trump, the United States has shown signs of resistance to the globalist takeover. With this recent election, this resistance has been unmasked as ineffective.

What happened (to quote one of the most notable American globalists, Hillary Clinton)? American resistance to globalism was subverted on all three fronts. On the religious front, American Christian churches of all denominations stopped preaching the word of God and began preaching globalist dogma, clearly visible by the gay flags that they proudly hang from their doorways. Those Americans who remained deeply religious sometimes referred to as “evangelicals”, adopted a laissez-faire apocalyptic approach to Christianity, which is at stark odds with the militant “of this world” Christianity that helped early American settlers conquer the continent and its many native peoples. Many American Christians shirk their responsibility to fight globalism by subcontracting it to Jesus, who “always wins in the end”. Had their ancestors adopted this approach in centuries past, there would be no America today. 

On the ethnic and racial fronts, we must put it bluntly. America worked well as a unified polity governed by its founding document, the Constitution, only as long as the vast majority of Americans were people of European origin both ethnically and racially. 

The concept that underlies the Constitution is primarily the concept of the supremacy of the individual over the collective. America, as it was first conceived, is best symbolized by its erstwhile national pastime: baseball. Baseball is a team sport, but only just. It centers primarily on individual actions; be it the duel between the pitcher and the batter or the center-fielder making that leaping catch, it is primarily individual actions that define the sport. Americans were supposed to be first and foremost rugged individuals who relied primarily on themselves to make their way through life, never wanting anything from the government, an institution which they held in deep contempt. Unfortunately for America today, these tropes of behavior are far from universal. Most people around the globe never think of themselves as individuals, only as part of concentric rings of collectives: their nuclear and extended families, their workplaces, and their nations. The flooding of America with non-European immigrants created a country in which the governing philosophy as enshrined in the Constitution no longer fit the people who were governed by it. 

The last stand of Constitutional America under the leadership of Donald Trump is failing because both President Trump and his supporters were (and still are) historically naïve about the nature of the enemy they are facing.

Neither the armies of the MAGA movement nor its Commander in Chief had any clue as to the depths of depravity that their neo-Bolshevik globalist enemies would go to in order to win their greatest prize: America. Pre-election, Trump had failed in his Number One job, the only job that really counted – securing his power over Washington DC and yes, over every governor mansion, whether Republican or Democrat. Just as Lincoln paid no mind to America’s federalism because he knew that she was about to be destroyed if he had, Trump had to suspend business as normal in order to win. He failed to do that.

One of the most appealing characteristics of old-school Americans has always been their pragmatism. General MacArthur knew when he was beaten by the Japanese in the Philippines and left to fight another day, saying “I shall be back”. He did not complain like President Trump is constantly doing that the Japanese “rigged” the war by their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. He would have done the same given a chance. The sad but very real truth is that President Trump, supposedly a student of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, let the smalltime apparatchiks in his own branch of government and many even smaller and more laughable characters the likes of Stacey Abrams in Georgia, walk all over him unopposed and openly rig a presidential election after they told him that they would do just that and even showed him exactly how they would do it. 

Having suffered such an ignominious and utterly preventable defeat by the globalists, Trump chose to do the opposite of MacArthur. By hanging on, by tweeting, by allowing his team of ambulance chasers to get their (monetizable!) moments of fame, Trump is being untruthful with his loyal followers egregiously giving them false hopes, hopes that will very soon likely be dashed against the rocks of reality.  

What will America look like in the aftermath of having lost its war with globalism? It depends on whom you ask. Pockets of America, such as the Dakotas, with the help of a somewhat “conservative” SCOTUS, will likely yet allow a semblance of constitutional protections to their residents, making the day to day experience of living there quite agreeable and suitable for freedom-loving people. These pockets will come under constant attack through federal regulatory actions from the globalists in DC, attacks that will be designed to destroy their economies and stop them from becoming centers for any resurgent anti-globalist movements. This is already happening in Canada with the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

America as a country is on its way to now becoming a full-fledged member of the worldwide globalist armies. In fact, it will become their leader.