We are all familiar with the so-called “Stockholm Syndrome”, a psychological disorder, which leads an abductee to empathize with his abductors and begin to make up excuses for them as to why they “had” to kidnap him for ransom. Auto-racism is similar to the Stockholm Syndrome in that it consists of entire groups of people internalizing the racist bigoted attacks that they are subjected to by other races and becoming in the truest sense of the word auto-racist, i.e. prejudiced against their own race. 

A common example of this is auto-antisemitism, a type of communal derangement that has been infecting the Jewish community for many centuries and is now reaching epidemic proportions in the West in general and in America in particular. This phenomenon historically involves Jews internalizing such bigoted attacks against them as excessive greed, cultural isolationism, slovenliness, etc. In more recent times, this involves attacks against the State of Israel along the lines of colonialism, racism against non-Jews, and the use of excessive force. 

It seems to me that this disease can be excused, or at least explained, as a self-defense mechanism of the weak and the disadvantaged. If something as bad as having been kidnapped for ransom had happened to me, surely I or someone in my family must be deserving of it. If everyone who is “everyone” is accusing my people of this and that negative attribute, surely there must be something to what they are saying and if there is, perhaps I can improve my lot, save my own skin, by joining forces with the “majority” and becoming, if anything, even more bigoted against my own people than they themselves are.

Thus, if succumbing to self-loathing by the weakest among the weak can be understood if never condoned, what can we say about the self-loathing and auto-racism of the strongest and the most powerful, of the ruling elites of a majority race?

Surely, when you are the holder of such an exalted position, any accusations of wrongdoing, of discrimination, of racism by minority groups should roll off your back like water down a duck’s tail, right? Well, not so fast. In America, the white elites who constituted the American ruling class since the creation (at their hands) of the Republic at the end of the 18th century and through its destruction (also at their hands) in the beginning of the 21st, have recently become rabidly auto-racist.

Since the concept of racism depends on the existence of a race, we are asked at this point to ponder if American whites are a race and if so how is that race defined. The definition of race is a purely sociological rather than biological construct, since the species Homo Sapiens is not divided into biological subgroupings no matter how much our eyes would wish us to believe that it does. Sociologically, though, the American White race does indeed exist and it is not at all difficult to define. White Americans are people of European ancestry who are also Christian or at least whose near ancestors (parents, grandparents) were Christian, who came to the North American continent as settlers and later immigrants, and who reside in the USA rather than in Mexico or in Canada.

One of the key reasons, if not the only reason that we can claim that people who are so defined are indeed a race, is that they are now coming under a sustained racist attack by people who are not so defined.

In other words, American Whites are the objects of racial hatred, racial animus, racial harassment, and racial persecution by Americans who are either of non-European descent, or have no Christian ancestry, or both. These “non-White” Americans include what is now called People of Color and, to my shame, many Jews. 

There are several exceedingly innovative and hence scientifically intriguing aspects of anti-White racism in America, chief among which is the refusal by the non-White racists to grant Whites the status of a race. This is unprecedented because normally the foundation of any racist attack against a group of people is precisely the definition of such a group as a “race”. Anti-Black racism, for example, depends on the existence, though fictional, of a “black” race. Racist whites insist upon such an existence. Antisemitism depends upon the definition of Jews as a race, and so on. Anti-White bigots in America, however, hold as their main tenet that no “white” race exists in America or anywhere else. 

The New York Times has just recently granted non-Whites the status of “race”, by mandating that the word “black” always be capitalized when referring to people. The same New York Times, however, would view the capitalization of the word “white” as an act of racism and extreme bigotry. Belief in the existence of a race of white Americans brands one a “white supremacist”, which, as we all know, is the worst crime that anyone can be accused of in the USA.  

This is rather funny, however, because this non-existent white American race is squarely on the receiving end of one of the arguably worst racial persecutions of all times and certainly in modern times. American whites are subjected to discrimination in hiring (especially for high-level positions), in university admissions, in lending, in promotions, and recently, according to Melinda Gates, even in the receipt of life saving anti-viral treatments. Most egregiously, though, American Whites are subjected, 24/7, to an unprecedented barrage of propaganda designed to make them into suicidal self-haters and stop them from reproducing. This propaganda has, alas, achieved tremendous success, and with birth rates among American Whites hovering just over one child per woman, amounts to nothing less than genocide. 

The other unique characteristic in the racist gencide of American Whites is that it is perpetrated entirely by other American Whites, in fact, by the most powerful among them. In other words, American Whites are being exterminated by their own elites.

In the long, sad history of genocides on our green planet, I do not believe that there has ever been another instance of a racial elite genociding its own race at the apogee of their power and success and yet this is precisely what is happening in America.

How this has come to be will be the subject of many a PhD thesis, but I can give you, my readers, my own preliminary explanation. Upon achieving financial and political success of hereto unheard of magnitude in the aftermath of WWII, white American elites began feeling somewhat guilty that this success may have come at the expense of other “races” such as African Americans, Native Americans, and the like. This, of course, was and still is a total fallacy, but that is what they have begun to believe. Had these elites been willing to act honorably, they would have shared their own money and power with those whom they felt to have been unfairly treated, but, of course, they did no such thing. Instead, they created mechanisms, such as affirmative action, which discriminated against those Whites who have not achieved elite status in favor of non-whites. 

Since this action was intellectually indefensible as well as highly unpopular, the White elites erected around it an entire faux-intellectual edifice of White guilt and alleged White crimes, crimes, which, alone in history, legally bind future generations to the “sins” of their remote ancestors.

I do not know who were the German soldiers who shot and killed both of my grandfathers. I do not know who were the members of the SS who machine-gunned my people in Kiev’s Babi Yar, tens of thousands of them. What I do know is that these war criminals have grandsons and granddaughters and great grandchildren living in Germany right now and I also know that none of them are guilty of what their ancestors had done. 

Oh, but not so with American Whites. If your great grandfather came to Pittsburgh from Poland in 1895 to work in the steel mill, you are guilty of having enslaved blacks just as surely as if you had kidnapped them from Sierra Leone with your own two hands. You are also guilty of relocating the Seminoles from Ohio to Florida and every other imaginable crime, crimes for which you and your progeny must atone for all eternity. 

Needless to say, a country that elevates this kind of craziness to the level of dogma cannot survive. Nazi Germany, with its ridiculous made-up myth of Aryan origins and nordic sagas lasted fifteen years. American craziness is actually much worse. 

They say that the majority of Americans support the islamofascist and violently racist BLM movement. If that is true, America is already finished.

On the other hand, saying that you do not support BLM is tantamount to harboring Jews in Nazi Germany; it carries with it the very real risk of being cancelled, of having one’s life finished in all but the literal sense. Perhaps not too many people are willing to admit this to some bot who has their smartphone number in its database. Perhaps. 

We shall find out this November whether the White American race will be the first race to have ever committed auto-genocide and with it brought down its crowning achievement, the greatest country that has ever graced our planet, the United States of America.