NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is the government agency responsible for leading the nation’s explorations of space. Although we weren’t the first country to begin exploring space, Russia was, it wasn’t long before we took the lead in the 1960’s. Some might ask, why is NASA important?

The answer is simple, scientific data and research of all kinds, which much of, is to the betterment of mankind. Satellites, which have extremely advanced our communications and assisted in today’s warfare, ultimately saving many American military personnel’s lives. The Hubble telescope, which to this day is discovering new things about our galaxy which we’re part of. We’ve learned many new things about our planet through all of the space shuttles which circled the earth for three decades. (1981 – 2011)

Most people feel that space exploration is a good thing, even if we can’t fully explain why. Americans are very forward leaning when it comes to funding journeys of discovery. That is if you’re not hell bent on destroying the country you live in. Notice I didn’t say born in. The details around that subject are shared in my book, A Rush to Judgement- A Journey with Trump, God and Love.

As we all know, actions speak louder than words, and Obama’s actions through his disastrous eight-year term clearly show his intent. Whether it was putting hundreds of strangling regulations on businesses to weaken our country economically, or demoralizing the middle class through ObamaCare (The American Unaffordable Care Act). The list of egregious actions that Obama enacted upon the American people, is not only unforgettable, but unforgivable. And the decimation of NASA was one of them.

If there’s anything that speaks to American exceptionalism, its American astronauts exploring other worlds. But, as we now know all too well, Obama bristled at the thought of America being seen as better than the rest of the world. Hence his drive to embarrass America to the rest of the globe for all the evil things we’d done through history.

Who can forget his apology tour from continent to continent? Therefore, taking away any advancement of space exploration for at least eight years, would be another stake in America’s heart and another check mark on his Satan driven list.

Upon coming into office for his first term, his presidential commission determined the existing program named Project Constellation, was not worth funding under any reasonable budget. The program was started by President George W. Bush, and was underfunded for years. The goal of this program was to ultimately lead us on a mission to Mars. The program would cost $3 billion a year to execute, which was too dear to bear for the Obama administration.

Of course, secretly giving $150 billion cash to a rogue nation such as Iran, was a much more fruitful way to spend money. The administration’s response to Project Constellation was to secretly cancel it and not include it in the budget. The typical protocol when making such a decision is to confer with Congress, who was never consulted, and they were furious they weren’t.

This Whitehouse had no intention of space exploration of any kind. Three of the most prominent astronauts in American history, Neil Armstrong, Gene Ceman, and Jim Lovell sent a letter condemning the cancellation of Constellation, and Obama knew he had a problem on his hands. What did he do? Took Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin as a political pawn to Kennedy Space Center to make his big space announcement. We’d go to Mars sometime in the next thirty years. The journey to Mars was set so far in the future, it was meaningless, just as he wanted it to be.

Fortunately, Americans now have a forward-thinking president, an America loving president. President Trump is restoring America’s space exploration program to its former glory. Reports are that Trump wants to see us go back to the moon and beyond. President Trump also is utilizing commercial entities, such as SpaceX, and turning NASA around. The 2019 proposed budget is $21.21 billion.

It won’t be long before we are heading back to the stars and leading the world again in space exploration, right where we’ve always been.

May God Bless America.