The end of the American presidential campaign, November 8th, 2016 has come and gone. Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by a land slide. The Trump family came on stage and respectfully conceded. Hillary Clinton was not only the 45th president of the United States, but the first female president in the history of America. The Democrats were elated and rubbed it in the face of conservatives all over the country. The “fake news”, as Trump called it, were falling all over the anointed one. You would’ve thought the queen of England was elected. And the new royal family of America, the Clintons, were again holding the most powerful seat in the world. Even worse, we had just endured eight long years of President Obama and his dismantling of our once great nation. 

The baton has been passed. Soon, our borders will open like flood gates. America will soon be a Spanish speaking country, as millions of illegal immigrants will invade even the smallest town in America. The highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world will stay in place, as American companies are forced to continue leaving our country in order to make a profit. The trade imbalance which has helped decimate our economy and bankrupt our companies continues to climb, leaving millions more Americans out of work.

The Clinton Cabal with their “Clinton Foundation”, continue to get richer and richer, stealing more money from Americans and the rest of the world. Barack and Michelle continue selling books and making movies on Netflix and will soon have more money than they could spend in five lifetimes. 

In the meantime, Conservative values, Christian values, continue to be attacked and diminished by the left. Our Supreme Court now has mostly liberal judges and our 2nd Amendment has been taken away. Thousands of conservatives across the country are either being murdered in shoot-outs with the police or jailed for not giving up their guns. Our country’s military continues to be dismantled, we can longer defend ourselves against our enemies. Political Islam and Muslims are taking over our cities, large and small. Sharia Law has been allowed to be implemented in the U.S., and mayhem secedes civility across America. Just as is happening in Germany, American women are being raped by Muslim men across the country.

This is the nightmare we would be living in today if not for the millions of conservative volunteers who assisted in saving this country from the aforementioned scenario. It took an army of volunteers to win in 2016, and put President Trump in office. I, like many, was one of them. People tend to say, “I’m just one person, what difference can I make.”

Allow me to share my experience of volunteering for the “Donald J. Trump Inc.” campaign in 2015, and perhaps this will help to change your mind.

Upon giving my life to Christ in May of 2015, He then took me on the journey of a lifetime one month later, which I document in my book. Once I heard Donald Trump speak at a small house party in New Hampshire, I realized he was very serious about saving our country from the scourge of socialism darkening our doorstep. I loved his America First agenda, and I began volunteering to set up events week after week. Soon I was driving in his motorcade as a volunteer and was then hired on staff to run a campaign office in Keene, New Hampshire. 

In December 2015 I was asked to run the ground campaign, otherwise known as the door knocking campaign. I came to find out later, no campaign is won without a strong “ground game”. After we won the New Hampshire primary in February 2016, I was then asked to join Trump’s New Hampshire Strike Team, and perform the same task across the country.

President Trump spent $51 million dollars out of his own pocket to help Make America Great Again, part of that was to send us and our team from state to state. We were on a mission to save America, and save her we did.

However, if not for the thousands and thousands of volunteers who joined us all across the country, we never would have succeeded. I got to drive in motorcades in California at the end of the primary, escorted by 20 “CHIPS”, California Highway Patrol, along with teams of Secret Service and Swat teams, exciting was an understatement. I went to the Republican National Convention as a WHIP for Alaska, and then onto a job in D.C. after we won the election. I too, was “only one person”, and I got to play in the Superbowl of elections, simply by volunteering. I made a difference. I had never before volunteered for anything, nor was I ever involved in politics. 

Dedication and sacrifice is what wins anything worth fighting for. God forbid, we lose in 2020 and one of the whacko Socialist Liberals were to win. If that happens, it would truly be the end of America as the shining star of the world. The scenario I painted would come true, and likely be even worse. Will you be the one sitting back if we lost, saying to yourself, “if only I had done more.”

If you were one of those volunteers who helped us save America in 2016, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you weren’t, then I ask you, how much do you love your country?