The people who are on the verge of winning the second American civil war are neither George Washington, nor Ulysses Grant. They are not even the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada. Oh no. These guys, the Pelosis, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Dorseys, the Gates’s, and the members of the all-white Seattle city council who just left their own affirmative action hire black female police chief to resign in disgrace having decimated her budget, these are all mini Lenins, and Hitlers, and Stalins. They are the scum, the rot, the decay, the creatures that scurry away when you turn a rock over and expose them to sunlight. They are the enemies of civilization, of humanity, and of God Himself. They are the agents of entropy and of chaos; they have no dignity, nor are they even capable of understanding the concept of dignity. All they have is rage and an amoeba-like lust to engulf and digest everything that looks good, consequences be damned.

One of the most basic human rights is the right to die with dignity. I am not talking about “assisted suicide” or “euthanasia”. I am talking about the dignity afforded to the prisoner before he is executed, the dignity of addressing the crowd in his own words before the axe comes down on his neck. 

In medieval Europe, Jews who were led to slaughter, often by the unspeakable torture of being burned alive at the stake, recited out loud this hymn (first paragraph only in my own translation from the Hebrew):

We must glorify the Master of all things, give thanks to the Creator. For He did not make us the same as the Gentiles, did not count us among the creatures of the dirt. For he did not make us share in their destiny and their bitter fate when they bow to nothing but chaff in the wind and prey to an impotent idol (Jesus, BP), while we bow only to the King of Kings, the Holy Blessed One, He Who made the Heaven and the Earth, He who rules from on high. He is our Lord and none other, the only True One in this world. For it is written in His Torah: “know thee this day and write it upon thy heart that God is the Lord, in the Heavens above and on Earth below, He and none other”

Imagine being led to your death by fire for no reason other than refusing to denounce your faith. Led by Christians to whom Jesus was the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, and saying to their faces that they had deposited their immortal souls in the hands of an impotent and useless idol. In fact, in a very real sense, it was the recitation of this hymn, one that is still recited in every synagogue twice daily today that led to the death of the Jews who recited it. It was, thus, the ultimate act of defiance, the final act of a free people. 

Yes, they were doomed, condemned to unspeakable torture, but their final act, regardless if you are Jewish or Christian, was one of immense dignity, a dignity that was not denied to them by their Christian executioners. These Jews could have been gagged, but they were not. I want to believe that the Christian men of faith who burned these Jews alive secretly respected them for their act of courage, hoping, perhaps, that they would find the same courage to proclaim their loyalty to Jesus if they were captured by Muslims, even at the cost of their own lives.

The Nazis, who, unlike medieval inquisitors, were themselves idolaters of the worst kind, did not afford the Jews they had slaughtered by the millions the dignity of going to their deaths with their heads held high. Anyone reciting prayers would have just been immediately shot on sight. This was not a fluke, but rather a policy; Jews were supposed to have been inferior beings, animals really, so no dignity was possible for them. That was the whole point.

This was also the policy adopted by the Russian Bolsheviks towards the members of the Russian Orthodox clergy in the aftermath of the 1917 Bolshevik coup d’état. Russian priests were simply shot like rabid dogs or exiled to the Gulag to die of exposure or overwork. If they as much as mumbled a prayer in the camps, they were shot by the guard who happened to overhear them do so.

The first Americans, victorious in their Revolutionary War, afforded every dignity to the British and the Loyalist Americans with whom they just fought a bloody conflict to the death. They were allowed to sell their possessions and leave for Canada or other British colonies. The same treatment was given by the victorious North to the defeated South in the aftermath of the Civil War, the first American civil war, that is. It had all been, and here we come to the crux of it, so very civilized. 

The great European powers were all allowed to enter the twilight of their existence with their dignity intact. Be they England and France, which were superseded by the US, or even Germany, which was afforded not once, but twice in the span of one half century the dignity of a civilized defeat, these European nations were allowed to keep their traditions, their cultures, their historical symbols. The fact that they have now chosen to sacrifice all of that on the altar of “diversity” only highlights the magnanimity of America in its heyday. Japan too, was allowed to keep its war criminal emperor because he embodied in his frail frame the dignity of the Japanese nation, of every Japanese national, and because the US had no desire to take that away even from even its worst enemy. 

Americans should expect no such consideration from their enemies, most of them domestic, useful idiots brainwashed by generations of progressive propaganda, weaponized by the hegemonic aspirations of the ascendant Chinese.

Already today, Americans are denied death with dignity. As their beautiful cities, the very symbols of their success, are being looted and burnt to the ground, Americans are denied the forums in which to affirm their loyalty to the founding principles of the American Republic. America took great pains to avoid bombing culturally important sites in Germany and in Japan. America’s enemies are busy destroying every culturally important site in America, almost completely unopposed. 

Americans who express pro-American sentiments on social media have their accounts shut down and should they do so in their own names, they get fired from their jobs and mobs are incited to do them bodily harm. It is forbidden now in America to pay homage to such American heroes as George Washington and Robert E. Lee. It is not allowed, in many places, to wear clothing displaying the American flag, at least not without adverse consequences. Conversely, every ridiculously false and disparaging remark against any American symbol is not only allowed, but actively incentivized, encouraged, rewarded.

Americans have ceded their cities to the enemy and are fleeing to the suburbs. It’s a full-on rout. “What can we do,” ask “conservative” Americans who have made losing into an art form. “After all, we cannot interfere with local and state matters!” Tell that to Lincoln, after whom the loser never-trumpers had named their so-called “project”. When the Union was in danger, Lincoln broke every rule in the book in order to save it.

The world was saved by his actions. Lincoln was simply a man who said no, I will not stand by and watch the work of the American Founding Fathers be undone by the greed and historical shortsightedness of a few rich plantation owners. 

How long before the American cities are looted dry and the mob comes for the suburbs? Days? Weeks? Are we going to see more Mr. and Mrs. McCloskeys standing on their front lawns, waving their 9mms and AR-15s about? Running away never works, just ask the Russian nobles who fled to their country estates, where they had plenty of weapons, only to be torn limb from limb by their own servants. 

The “yes, but” attitude of the Russian elites and middle classes that killed Russia is the same exact attitude that is now prevalent in America, especially among the never-trump crowd. Yes, the looting is horrible, but Trump is a pig. Yes, Lenin and his gang are obnoxious, but so is Rasputin. Yes, crime rates are doubling every few months, but we can’t say anything against that because that would be racist. Yes, but, yes, but, all the way to the guillotine.

America must find the strength, the dignity, the conviction, and the faith to look the jeering mob in the eye and say “God is with me and I fear nothing, least of all you”.