‘The voice inside you, that you can hear louder than any other voice,’ this is my definition of Intuition.

We live in a noisy world. But your inner voice is always there.

Outside: screens, sounds, obligations, media, cars, kids, co-workers…

Inside: self talk, criticism, shoulds, to do’s, unfinished conversations, dreams, inner-narrating and interpreting, judging…

How can you hear your intuition in the first place?

Let me make one thing clear, you will not get this all at once. Just like training for a marathon, start small, be consistent, and stay the course. You will get there. It is not a sixth sense, it is within us. It is akin to instinct. You are born with it.

1/ Your Body: 

Your body sensations are GOLD. If you have not been tuned in to your physical body as a viable guide for your life, this process takes some practice. We are used to medicating pain or distracting ourselves from feelings which makes living from intuition really hard, if not impossible. There is growing research now that our “gut feelings” are literally from our gut brain. The amount of neurons in the gut now point to it being called our second brain. If that is so, why would we not want to use our body and gut as another brain to inform our lives?

“The second brain contains some 100 million neurons, more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system,

Michael D. Gershon, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, has been called the “father of neurogastroenterology”

2/ Your Heart Center:

(the energetic space between your chest/sternum and back shoulder blades).

This is not your physical beating heart, but an energetic space where emotions intersect and digest, and your intuition can be accessed. Pure knowing can emerge from this space, and you can trust it because it is your highest intelligence speaking to you.

You know this space whether you have done work on energy or not. For instance, heart-break feels like a stabbing in the heart. Anxiety shows up as not being able to breath due to constrictions in your chest. Enthusiasm feels expansive and good. This space, can be a daily guide for everyday life to navigate the most mundane day to day activities and make them come alive.

Which road to take to avoid traffic.
What time to get groceries so you can pick up the kids on time.
When to plan. When to act.

All these choices can be resourced rather than winging it. It’s like plugging in to the internet for your body.

3/  Synchronicities:

Synchronicities confirm your direction or inner knowing by seeing things out in the world that seem almost magical from their uncanny timing and accuracy. I might say, “should I go to New York?” and then hear 3 different New York songs at random times.

This doesn’t mean to just run around all crazy making decisions only from these signs, but to use discernment and check in with yourself, and real facts to make informed choices from both your intellect, researched information, and intuition.

Synchronicities are those moments that go beyond coincidence and somehow feel different and on purpose. It’s like the universe winking at you and throwing you breadcrumbs.

The bottom line here is not to look outside yourself for all the answers, but to let the world confirm your knowing through these synchronicities confirming your inklings so you can move forward with confidence and courage.

“Don’t outsource your Truth.”

4/ Keep an Evidence Journal:

This is a log of the times that worked out, you knew something then acted on it, and it went amazing. Or the times you “felt you should__________” and did not, only to realize later why you had that faint knowing because you are in the moment where that intuition was attempting to aid you.  Such as bringing an umbrella, when it isn’t raining. Your mind will say, that’s silly. But, lo and behold it rains when you are going to walk into that lunch date. You could have had the umbrella. It is that practical. This is not luck, it is listening.

5/ Manage your Mind – our Logical Left brain mind:

You mind likes to pretend to know everything, and needs to know everything before it wants to act. But, it is not meant for that. Our intuition can know more because that is its job. The mind is supposed to be present, and consider what is in front of it, not feel into the future in the same way our intuition can because the intuition intelligence is not bound by time and space. So, use your mind to focus on here and now, and use your intuition for considering things in the future. Sometimes, your intuition will pop in strongly and you will suddenly have “a feeling” that cannot be explained by facts. You just “know”. As you do this more, and play with the two types of “thinking” you will be able to notice the difference and master this for yourself. It’s really awesome, and incredibly practical.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with just information, but instead, try these things out yourself.

You truly have all this intelligence within you, but perhaps you have felt insecure trying them out, or felt like you can’t do it before you even start. As a toddler, you never would have walked if you thought you needed to know how first, you needed to begin to let the intelligence of who you are show you step by step. Intuition is not special. Some people have a stronger talent to access it for themselves and others (like I do), but that is just like any skill. Michael Jordan has genetic capabilities that make him an extraordinary basketball player, but he put in the hours of practice to actualize that potential.

If you want more self-trust, ease, and confidence in life. Start to entertain you can be intuitive too, and practice. It is that simple. You can do it NOW, and start to see how much more ease and peace your life can have when you don’t have to hold it all together, and “be on” all the time. Your other intelligence systems are waiting for you to use them.

For more information on mastering this connection in your life, I teach this in my You are the Manual program.