As far as I know, the Constitution guarantees the rights of only one type of entity: a person, i.e. a human being created in the image of God. I say “guarantees” rather than “grants” because as we know, the Constitution also spells out that these rights come from the Creator and that consequently, it is the job of a properly constituted government to safeguard these God-given rights.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that entities other than human beings have any rights whatsoever. This holds true, most specifically and most importantly for “markets”, “corporations”, and “classes”. 

The Founding Fathers could imagine many things and could look far into the future, but they were still human beings and thus constrained by every human limitation. The “joint-stock company” or the “corporation” were concepts that were only just beginning to be bandied about in the late eighteenth century and it would never have occurred to the Framers that a business could take on the legal form of a person and furthermore then claim for itself the God-given rights of the latter.

God-given rights derive from the existence within each and every one of us of an immortal soul. Extending these rights to businesses is a perversion and an absurdity precisely because it endows them with not only the legal rights to transact business but all the rights to free speech and other protections, which can only reside with an individual human being.

The two most egregious perversions of the Constitution that occurred in American history, was the extension of the rights of the individual to first businesses and later to “classes”, or, substantially, groups of individuals who share various often spurious and ridiculous commonalities such as skin color or “sexual orientation”. 

These perversions flung wide open the doors of America to the pernicious ideology of progressive globalism and, in the fullness of time spelled its doom. 

How, exactly, did this happen? By giving businesses the rights that the Constitution reserved only for human beings, all rights held by human beings were effectively nullified. Since Twitter the corporation has the same right as you the human being, it can kick you out of its virtual parlor simply because it doesn’t like you, just as you could kick out a guest who had overstayed his welcome. Since Chase Manhattan has the same rights as you do, it is in no way obligated to provide you with any services, unless you agree to modify your behavior. Just like you have every right to demand that your guests remove their shoes before entering your living room, Chase has every right to ask you to accept Biden as the president-elect, if you want to keep your account open. 

Businesses that enjoy the vast array of freedoms that have traditionally been reserved for us humans make up what we know of like the “free market”, a system that is unsurpassed at creating wealth. By far the biggest share of the wealth it creates goes to the ownership classes and the technocratic elites, but a significant portion helps everyone attain an acceptable standard of living. 

There is only one problem: in the presence of something we came to know of as “high-technology”, free markets mean enslaved humans. There is a qualitative rather than quantitative difference between allowing eighteenth-century businesses to operate freely as part of a free market and allowing twenty-first-century businesses to do the same. Back then, nobody’s life depended on any specific business. Today all of our lives depend on many businesses. We cannot rent a car without a credit card and we cannot have a credit card without a bank account. Soon, very soon, we will not be able to have either without digital proof of having been vaccinated against COVID and against God knows what else.

Ticketmaster just is preparing to stop the sale of event tickets to unvaccinated people. Don’t care much about missing a few shows? You will care when your “private business” bank will close all of your accounts for the same reason and when your “private business” landlord will kick you out on your behind unless you provide proof of having been vaccinated or chipped or whatever else they will dream of. This is why I laugh when I see people on Twitter vowing to never ever get that vaccine. Believe me, folks, you will not only get it, but you will also beg for it because, without it, your lives will be over.

Dominion is a company that apparently took it upon itself to take a rather insignificant action, in the grand scheme of things, and completely subvert the results of the American presidential election.

The American people wanted President Trump to stay on for another four-year term. The people who own the “legal person” called Dominion, people who are not Americans as far as I know, disagreed. In the end, it was their opinion that counted for everything and the opinion of over seventy million actual live Americans counted for exactly nothing.

So yes, you may “feel”, or “believe” that you have the right to not take the vaccine. Unfortunately, the supra-human entities known as corporations, entities without whom you can neither eat nor have a roof over your head, believe the opposite and it is their opinion, not yours, that actually counts.

The convenience of the silicon chip also known as the solid-state semiconductor was the ultimate honey trap; it gave us instant communications, next-day home deliveries, and every piece of music ever written and took away our freedom. All of it.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google CEOs at Senate Hearing on their anti-conservative bias. LAT

But wait, there is more! The wealth that was created by the power of the silicon combined with the free market was such that (perhaps somewhat paradoxically) the thought of sharing it with people who are not high-level professionals or owners of massive stock holdings became rather unbearable to the silicon masters. And with this unheard-of wealth came unheard-of power.

Anyone who watched the so-called “hearings” held by Senate committees for high-tech tycoons could immediately sense how powerless our high elected officials were in the face of the real masters of the universe.

Dorsey and Zuckerberg, flying in on their private jets, indulged, but barely. One thing was clear, We The People, as represented by those pathetic and ignorant creatures we elected to the Senate, are powerless. The real power lies only with the manipulators of that most common of all elements in the Periodic Table, silicon, an element that has now won its battle against its neighbor carbon, the element of organic life. 

There is a trope in science fiction of a child-like mind that, through vagaries of fate, receives God-like powers. As one can imagine, the cruelty, inexperience, and lack of simple human compassion that define many as of yet undeveloped minds, when coupled with unbridled and unlimited powers, especially powers over the fate of other living beings, leads to horrible results. This is what is going on in America today.

Our child-like masters are running wild, ensconcing in the White House a demented racist, a small-time hustler, and a cheap hussy. They are unleashing on us hoax after hoax from “climate change” and “green energy” to “pronouns” and boys wrestling girls, all for their sick amusement. So far, they have been limiting themselves to conducting us as experiments that are sociological and psychological in nature. Now, never satisfied with our suffering, they are about to make us all into subjects of actual, physical experimentation. We will, all of us, become in quite a real sense the test subjects of the direct spiritual descendants of the infamous Nazi sadist “Dr.” Mengele, injected with substances that have barely been tested for short-term effects, let alone long-term ones. 

When markets consist of businesses that have nearly unlimited power to shape what we hear, what we see, what we drink, and what we eat; when these businesses are so rich that no “public servant” can possibly resist them and when those who try are simply pushed out of the way or worse, well, then we must all see that free markets mean enslaved humans.

We must realize that the collapse of the American Republic was brought upon it by the pincer movement of progressive globalism on one hand and an unfettered, illogical, and unconstitutional adherence to the fake ideal of free markets, or the free enterprise system, or capitalism, or whatever other names one wishes to call this system of ours that put leashes around our necks and gave them to willful and cruel children from Seattle and San Francisco. 

I have no idea if the American people can yet reassert control over our own destiny. I suspect that it is well and truly too late for that. But at least let us not go down without a fight and for God’s sake, let us not go down worshipping the false idol of capitalism.