There is a lot of housecleaning going on in the Catholic Church – apparently it was sorely needed for a very long time according to the Pennsylvania grand jury report. But what’s at the root of this debacle? Is it pedophilia? Is it because priests have to live celibate lives? Is it clericalism? Or is it that leadership is not calling out the root sin – homosexuality — which then begins a cycle of secret sexual depravity. 

Join Terry Beatley and Jimmy Berkon as they explore these issues, including the “gift of self” and the amazing and fairly unknown story of a priest named Maximillian Kolbe who saved thousands of people during WWII and sacrificed his life to the Nazis in order to save one man who had a wife and children. Kolbe knew the meaning of the “gift of self” which stands as a beautiful example for priests today. Clean house!

Jimmy Berkon majored in Theology from Franciscan University and continued his studies at the John Paul II Institute with an emphasis in Theology of the Body. He is a frequent contributor to Fiat Radio and Catholic365. Jimmy speaks about healing and the “gift of self” in prisons and conferences.

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