Never judge a book by its cover; or should we? Coming in at a weight of less than 100 pounds one would think that this man would easily give up on being accepted as a serious actor. You are about to discover that “giving up” is not part of Paul’s Cram vitae’.  

A man of conviction and unconventional wisdom has excelled in his chosen profession as an actor however that is not the only thing in which he excels. He learned how to pursue his dream despite the obstacles. Like many people, his ambitions were not celebrated by those closest to him. Yet, he remained determined and focused to do what he felt in his heart. 

Paul Cram

Paul Cram: When starting his career, agents and managers didn’t know what to do with the 98-pound-wimp with a heart-of-gold, but casting directors (such as Mali Finn) began to see that when they called him into the meet directors that he began booking those roles that called for “an indefinable something.” Casting directors now call him a cross between Gollum and James Dean. Which sounds strange, but it’s working for him. His film credits include Fox Searchlight’s WILSON starring Woody Harrelson, PEACOCK starring Cillian Murphy & Ellen Paige, and hundreds more. The Jason Show invited Paul in studio to talk about his small-but-fun role alongside Woody Harrelson in Fox Searchlight’s movie WILSON.

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