Hollywood generally has a lot to say. Since Donald Trump became President, they have had had plenty of vitriol and criticism to offer to America and the world against our President. It has been a nonstop trashing of the President in every award show, every talk show, every late-night show, Saturday Night Live, interviews, magazines and tabloids. And they are still criticizing the President during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is par for the course that no matter what he says or does, it must be wrong.

But I’ve noticed that while the President is spending every waking hour in a herculean effort to mitigate the medical and financial devastation caused by this virus, talking with many medical experts, scientists, financial experts, business experts, and while he is convincing American companies to re-tool to make products to help, Hollywood has been deafeningly silent.

These insulated loudmouths who have so much negativity against Donald Trump, are hunkered down in their luxury, tucked in waiting for the pandemic to pass. 

There are those like Dolly Parton, Rhianna, Jewel, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos who have stepped up with donations to help their fellow Americans receive needed Personal Protective items or help others in need.

But where are the rest of these wealthy critics of everything Trump? These people have private jets that could help citizens stranded in other countries get back to the US. These people have vast sums of money that can help hospitals and health workers get much needed gloves, masks, gowns, respirators and any other needed supplies. This is the time to help the Americans that made them so rich, that bought tickets to their concerts and movies and shows. They could help build temporary hospitals, even on their sprawling properties.

They have virtually disappeared, unless someone wants to interview them, like Alec Baldwin who spends his time in an interview vilifying everything the President does, but does nothing to help the problem. Unlike President Trump, Alec Baldwin does not spend all day everyday meeting with experts, discussing solutions, mitigations, policies, equipment needs, and people and their jobs and their needs in this time of pandemic. He pops up like a jack-in-the-box to spew venom and goes back in the box.

When someone in the Hollywood community tests positive for Coronavirus, there is a twitter outpouring of best wishes from the hunkered down celebrities, and they too go back in their box. With all the money celebrities have, they could step up and make a real difference to people, not just in Hollywood, but in all areas of America.

The Hollywood Elite could open their wallets as much as they have opened their mouths, and effect peoples lives in a positive way.

It was free to spew hatred toward the president and call him a liar, and a racist, and a xenophobe and a homophobe and dangerous and stupid. With all of the Hollywood loudmouth libs, and I include Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney and Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Adam Schiff and Diane Feinstein and all of their ilk who have made millions from their positions at our expense, I challenge them to step up and start putting their money where their mouth is and start making a contribution that can actually save people’s lives.

None of your vitriol towards the President has done anything positive for any American. Fate has put in our path an opportunity to step up and make a difference in ways that matter. Please close the mouth and open your wallets. Hollywood is deafeningly silent and self-centered.

People across America are sick, they are out of work, they are stranded in other countries. Not just in Hollywood, but in every city, in every state, people need equipment, and groceries, and hospitals and help in so many, many ways. I hope America does not forget the Hollywood silence. I hope America doesn’t forget the politicians like Nancy Pelosi who turn this pandemic into another false opportunity to politicize a crisis. I hope America does not forget the Rachel Madow’s types who continue to call the work the President is doing in an unprecedented national and human disaster⏤lies.

We all need to be part of the solution and not throw gasoline on the fire. Where are all the rich critics now? I don’t see George Soros contributing the billions to stop this virus in America, as he contributes billions to destroy America. We should pay attention and remember when this is over, who was there to help and who disappeared, and who held the gas cans and the matches.