Meryl Streep took on President-elect Donald Trump as she was receiving her lifetime achievement award at the 74th annual Golden Globes. Funny thing is she never mentioned him specifically by name – but there was no mistake who she was talking about. As expected, Trump responded via his Twitter account that Streep is a Hillary lover and a crappy actress! Why go there? Good question, I'll ask Erin that – but the president-elect clearly has a propensity to smack anyone down who comes in reach of his ego or pride.

Back to the bigger discussion… you might recall when Barack Obama won – there were millions of people that were not only happy but nervous with his past. Yet there wasn’t the media outcry and Hollywood was cool with all of it. WHY? Why do entertainers and actors put their two cents in to a political argument when they need all political types to attend their shows, movies, buy their music, books and so forth?

Has there ever been a study, poll or research done that we know of – that shows HOW MUCH IF ANY of their audience THE FANS that they lose when they get in the face of the electorate?

Appearing on the show today is the brilliant and beautiful Erin Morgart, Reigning Miss United Nations 2013, Mrs. Galaxy Virginia 2012, A Fitness Supermodel, Social Media Maven and Movie/Reality Show Star – Majored in Psychology with a passion for the human psyche!!

Initially we had planned to title our talk “Hollywood Overdoses On Political Mischief” – but we took an unexpected turn when Erin revealed that she had been struggling with bullies herself, and specifically cyber bullies. As always the case with live radio – you just never know. A great conversation ensues that may very well become a bigger project ahead for all of us… listen in to Erin and we'll talk more ahead on all of this!

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