It’s the holiday season—Christmas, Hanukkah—a time for renewal, faith, and gratitude. However, there’s a vocal group in America who are not able to celebrate this beautiful time of year. Why? Because they’re grieving.

These sad people define themselves as democrats or “The Resistance”, but for the moment, I’ll refer to them as “Leftist Progressives.” It’s an understatement to say these folks are not happy. They’re protesting just about everything. Some of these grieving people are Americans, and some are here illegally. Some would not even want to be described as American—they despise everything America stands for. They hate capitalism and would prefer socialism-communism.

Leftist Progressives are so wrapped up in their own grief, they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the fact that President Trump has made great strides in his first year in the oval office. These people do not cheer him on. No. It’s quite the opposite. They call themselves “The Resistance”, and have dug their heels in firmly. In the past year, hired thugs in the name of “The Resistance” have been recruited and paid to destroy cities utilizing staged riots. Nothing good ever comes of that.

I’m sorry for these people because their blind rage doesn’t allow them to see what’s happening before their very eyes. Things are getting better in America—day by day. And, yes, it’s because of President Trump and the policies he is implementing.

Maybe it would be instructional to ferret out which stage of grief these unhappy people are in by looking at this:

The five stages of grief: 

Denial – There are some people who repeat over and over that Trump is not their President. I have news for you. You’re in the denial stage. It’s not going to make Trump go away if you refuse to accept him as your President. He’s the President of the United States of America. If you want to say you deny that truth, it’s okay. Free speech is your first amendment.

Anger—This stage of grief is active. Protesting and chanting, wearing costumes, and yes—even destroying other peoples’ property. The anger may feel good for a while, but eventually it burns you out. It can also get you a felony conviction.

Bargaining—Some people have started to move into this category. How do I know that? I’ve witnessed this on social media. There are now ‘former democrats’ following me on Twitter and Facebook. They’re actually beginning to understand there are some things that President Trump is doing that seem sensible and good for our country.

Depression—Those who hate will eventually fall into depression. The stronger the hate, the longer the depression will last. If people are willing to listen, maybe they will begin to see their lives are not getting worse, but better. The economy is turning around. America’s dangerous march toward socialism has just been halted. It’s that point when the Trump-haters realize they cannot even hire people to protest any longer. Nobody comes. I believe many of “The Resistance” are stuck in this stage of grief. But, understand that depression is anger turned inward. Eventually, this becomes a personal poison and feeds upon itself. You may need to seek professional help to turn yourself around, for this is not a healthy way to live.

Acceptance—At some point, it maybe another year into the future, those opposing President Trump so vehemently, will eventually come to some level of acceptance. Once Trump demonstrates he will deliver on his promises, there will be some folks who will start admitting he’s got an agenda that will truly make America great again. It’s not just a slogan! It’s Trump being Trump!

The most beautiful part of acceptance is the willingness to listen to those who are giving you accurate information. Rather than listen only to the Trump-haters, the lucky people who move into acceptance are ready to listen to reason, perhaps even think about civil discourse.

Regardless of what stage of grief you are in—if you’re a Leftist Progressive—I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year. And, I sincerely hope you come to the level of acceptance.

Even if you do not accept these words, or you scream with anger at this page—truth is, we live in the greatest country on the face of the earth. We have freedoms that are unique to our country. If nothing else, you may at least have gratitude for being fortunate enough to live in America. Grateful to be a part of a beautiful experiment of a representative republic that started 241 years ago.

Just remember, (OFA) Organizing For Action—is using you as a pawn. Break away, enjoy freedom, capitalism, and this special holiday season.

Independent author, Ava Armstrong, writes thrillers and romance – yes, she dares to combine the two; such a renegade! After more than a decade in corporate America with a four-billion dollar company, Armstrong decided to focus on her true love: writing literature that could be read by the average human being. Ava describes herself as a Constitutional Conservative, and sleeps with a loaded Smith and Wesson revolver. She has one child, whom she loves, and her collection of firearms, which she loves slightly less, and a special affinity for Glocks and tactical shotguns. Her favorite things are the smell of molten metal at the shooting range, motor oil that drips from vintage 1940's Indian motorcycles, and the scent of sandalwood soap. You'd have to read her novels to understand that more deeply. Who are the heroes in Ava's novels? Everyday men and women who do extraordinary things. Veterans, policemen, farmers, hard-working middle-class folks, all striving and struggling to make the world a better place. From homeless vets to women living quiet lives of desperation, Armstrong transports readers to a small town, writing complex characters and stories that often stir strong emotion.