It is a certainty that ALL those Democrats, Leftists/Liberals and the Media Enemies of “We the People “ who continue suffering from ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ would NEVER EVER give an iota of credit to Donald Trump no matter what he does.

Just after the attack on the Embassy in Baghdad, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted Trump “you can do nothing”. In the meantime, his detractors in the USA were insulting him for not taking action and comparing the event to Benghazi when Obama and Hillary knowingly betrayed all the Americans in the Benghazi compound leading to their horrible deaths.

All members of Obama’s administration, wilfully, and with malice a forehand, lied to Americans blaming an inconsequential film for the cause of the attack and why no help was given to save them. For this treasonous inaction alone, Obama should have been IMPEACHED.

Only utterly unhinged and stupid human beings could have come to such a comparison. No one was killed by the Shiite militias (in military uniforms). There were no orders to ‘stand down’; on the contrary, Trump immediately sent more support as well as held both the Iraqi government and the Mullahs totally responsible for any further destruction or death occurring to Americans.

Again, unlike spineless and clueless Carter, no hostages were taken. Trump’s threats forced the leaders of the militia to back down.

For those brain dead Americans who fall for the lies of Democrats and the Fake Media, wake up to the following FACTS:

The US Embassy grounds (in any country on Earth) does NOT, I repeat does NOT, belong to Iraq. It is sovereign territory belonging to the USA. Therefore, under Political International Law, the Shiite militia INVADED USA territory and hence it is an ACT of WAR.

Let me recap how despicable, hypocritical and insane ALL of Trump’s opponents are. Under Obama, the Mullahs ran rough shod in the Arabian/ Persian Gulf for eight years. They ‘arrested’ American sailors and humiliated them in public for the whole world to see. The spineless John Kerry apologised to the Iranian terrorist regime (after all, Obama spent months immediately he became president groveling to all other nations for America’s wickedness).

Since Trump took office, there has not been a single incident of naval threats against American assets.

For the last three years, Trump concentrated his energies against the Mullahs using financial strong arms to bankrupt them. In the meantime, the Ayatollahs were spending a huge part of the $150,000,000,000 that the traitor Obama give them as well as over $1,700,000,000 in cash (without Congressional approval while deceiving all Americans) financing all their thugs and terrorists all over the world.

Please remember that not a single person in the Media, Academia, Democrats or Leftists raised any objections. They remained deafeningly silent to such a treasonous act because Obama was a Democrat Mulatto; not a pure white GOP American. After all, his sycophantic supporters compared him to the Messiah; a Black Jesus.

Starting with the siege, invasion and hostage taking of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and Carter’s abysmal failure to confront them, the Ayatollahs declared their intention to literally destroy the USA and all her allies the instant they became dictators of Iran.

For 40 years, American presidents had not known how to treat the Theocratic terrorist leaders of Iran. Are they Politicians? Theologians or Terrorists?

For 40 years, Iran grew into the foremost terrorist supporting regime in recent history with tentacles in every continent on Earth.

President Donald J Trump came to the decision that they are a Terrorist regime. He had already declared the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), terrorists and all their leaders to be hunted down just like Osama and al Baghdadi.

Let me now share with you the following historically indisputable facts:

Qasem Soleimani has been the mastermind who, beginning in 2003 built up a spider’s web of terrorist proxies throughout the Middle East that tilted the balance of power in Iran’s favour.

For example, under his leadership, Shiite militias in Iraq injured or killed hundreds of U.S. troops with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). He was the strategist behind the intervention in Syria that saved Bashar al Assad’s ruthless regime. He coordinated the arming and training of Yemen’s Houthi Shiite rebellion. He very recently helped plan the Iraqi government’s crackdown against anti-Iranian protesters killing at least 1500 of them.

The list continues with interventions against Saudi Arabia, Israel and others in the region.

Contrary to the repeated accusation by his unhinged detractors that Trump is a dangerous gunslinger looking for a fight, the recent time line records prove otherwise:

In June, Trump called off, at the last minute, an attack on Iranian positions after they had shot down an American drone in international air space. Instead of military retaliation he opted for increased sanctions against the Mullahs while at the same time asking them to come to the table – without preconditions – to try and sort out all issues.

In September, the Ayatollahs instead, responded with terrorist escalations such as striking a major Saudi oil processing facility which was followed by a series of Iranian attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

In October, Iranian-backed Shiite militias began hitting U.S. positions in Iraq. Those attacks have become bolder in recent months, culminating in an attack in the last week of December in Kirkuk (Iraq) that killed a US contractor and wounded several U.S. soldiers.

This act, crossed a red line for Trump. He had been warning the Ayatollahs regime since last spring that the U.S. would respond in kind to any attack that killed a U.S. citizen. The U.S. retaliated this week by bombing Kataib Hezbollah bases in western Iraq and Syria.

To humiliate the Trump and the USA, Soleimani sanctioned the Iranian-led Shiite militias to storm the U.S. embassy in Baghdad on Wednesday, setting fires and essentially holding diplomats, hostage for 24 hours, before retreating.

After the siege and on behalf of Trump, Secretary of Defence Mark Esper issued a fair warning to the enemies of the USA that “If we get word of attacks, we will take preemptive action to protect American forces, to protect American lives.

Therefore, Soleimani was NOT assassinated because he was a combatant who was so arrogant that he literally flew in Baghdad’s International Airport with no secrecy never expecting anyone daring to kill him. He was not blown up in Iran (this would have been assassination) but in Iraq; a country in internal military and revolutionary convulsion.

Although all the invariably treasonous Democrats and leftists condemned Trump for whatever excuses their total meltdown was able to concoct; Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in Iran, Iraq and other Middle East countries CELEBRATED the butcher Soleimani’s demise.

According to some reports from Iraqis who hate the Iranians, Soleimani landed in Iraq intending to overthrow the current Prime Minister and replace him with a more Iran compliant one. It is therefore – without detracting from US military intelligence – not impossible that US received details from within Iraq regarding the exact time and place of Soleimani’s schedule.

All of Trump’s detractors are telling the American people there will be dire consequences of revenge. Really? What is a more ‘dire consequence’ than someone who has every intention of exterminating you?

Of course there are consequences; there are consequences for BOTH Action and or Inaction. For example, had the French moved against Hitler in 1936 when he occupied the Rhineland, WWII would not have happened. They did not, and as a consequence of inaction, we had WWII.

The terrorist Iranian regime has been holding the whole world hostage for 40 years with their threats of terrorism. Trump and his administration have come to the conclusion that this state of affairs cannot and must not continue, especially since the Iranians are going to have Nuclear Weapons very soon.

Trump and his Intelligence and Military advisers must have come to the conclusion that if war is what will stop the rogue terrorist Mullahs regime, so be it. The USA will NOT invade Iran. The USA has all the necessary air and naval capabilities to cripple Iran’s oil industries and military capabilities including their nuclear assets.

The Trump administration must embolden all the enemies of the Ayatollahs among the peoples of Iran to overthrow the terrorist regime by making them much less afraid knowing they have an active and brave friend in the USA.

There will of course be terrorist actions initiated by Iran against not only US targets but all other allied countries will also be targeted that will unite all of them to act in unison in self-defence.

Image: Reuters