This past weekend Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said during an interview that “Trump will be impeached for life”. That’s an accurate statement. History will indeed record that President Trump was impeached during the first of his two terms in office.

But Trump’s impeachment will be little more than a minor footnote about a failed and highly partisan political endeavor against him undertaken by the Democrat Party. And it will also be dismissed as such, and largely forgotten by most historians.

There will be no stain on Donald Trump’s presidency as a result of Pelosi’s unwarranted and bogus impeachment effort. The only stain will be on Pelosi herself and her own political party.

History will focus on Trump’s impressive and unparalleled record of achievement, marking him as one of the most accomplished presidents in the history of the United States of America. Pelosi likely won’t even merit much mention at all.

What was left unsaid by Pelosi during her recent attempt to besmirch President Trump’s record is that Trump will indeed be remembered very favorably by history. But twenty years from now Americans will be saying ‘Nancy WHO’? Nancy Pelosi will be little remembered, nor very well thought of.

If anything she will be pointed to as an example of the very worst of American political figures in our history. While President Trump will be pointed to as an example of very bold and strong, decisive leadership.

Nancy Pelosi might very well be the first woman to wield the power of the Speakership of the House of Representatives, but she has achieved nothing to benefit the American people during her tenure. The only notable thing was during her first failed term as Speaker when she shepherded through to passage the very destructive ObamaCare bill. The health care monstrosity forced onto the American people by Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat Party, and signed into law by Barack Obama.

While Trump’s presidency has achieved great successes that will secure his place in history as one of the greatest American presidents, Nancy Pelosi will only be remembered, if she is remembered at all, as the hyper-partisan leader of the Democrat Party. A career politician interested only in her own political power above all else. Certainly not someone who historians will look upon favorably as a good servant of the American people.

This ongoing impeachment scam that Pelosi has engineered will not result in the conviction or removal of President Trump from office, and certainly not tarnish his presidency. It will only result in Democrats losing control of Congress once again under Nancy Pelosi’s stewardship. Hardly an achievement for one to be proud of.

Pelosi has previously boasted of being a “master legislator”, but the truth of the matter is that she is nothing more than a highly partisan political hack.

Unwilling and unable to work together with Republicans to accomplish good things for the American people. Naming a few post office buildings after your former political allies isn’t really a legislative achievement to brag about.

Consequently, while President Trump’s place in history based on his accomplishments is secure, Nancy Pelosi will only be a blip on the radar screen of America’s very rich political heritage. Quickly disappearing and just as quickly forgotten.

Image: AP