During her recent press conference when she announced that the Democrat controlled Congress would be moving forward with pursuing an impeachment vote against President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took umbrage when one of the journalists asked her as she was leaving the stage if she “hated President Trump”.

Pelosi was obviously very offended by the question as she returned to her podium in order to lash out at the questioner. The Speaker proclaimed her love for everybody in the world and said that she hated no one, and added that she prayed for President Trump every single day. Of course she didn’t fully explain exactly what she prayed would happen to President Trump, but according to Pelosi the word “hate” simply isn’t in her vocabulary.

Nancy Pelosi was also quoted recently about her recent trip to Spain to attend a climate change event, saying that “the earth is a gift from God, and we should protect it”. Certainly a noble goal, but it begs the question if children are also a gift from God, and do they also deserve our protection, including the unborn? Sadly the Speaker wasn’t asked to opine on that.

One thing for certain can be said about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, if nothing else she certainly is entertaining, and nauseating to watch. And at the same time insulting. Insulting in that she apparently believes that the bold-faced lies that she tells regularly to the American people during her comments before the media are actually believed by anyone.

Pelosi has mastered the art of lying to such a degree that it has become second nature for her. In fact, I think she may actually believe the garbage she spews out because she is so out of touch with reality when it comes to the American people. As are most of her colleagues in the Democrat Caucus.

Take the sham impeachment inquiries that the Democrats have been running now for weeks in the House Intelligence Committee headed up by Adam Schiff, and now in the House Judiciary Committee led by Jerry Nadler.

The Democrat Party for decades now has been under the control of extremists. Extremists who exist solely for political power, and the American people be damned. I for one have long supported the idea of term limits as a means of insuring that elected officials do not remain in office for decades, including state and local offices. Decades inside the Washington and state capitol cocoons where they lose complete touch with the constituents that they supposedly serve.

One of the Democrat’s leading candidates for the office of president, Joe Biden has boasted about his over forty years of experience in government, and how that somehow qualifies him to fix what ails America. 

If it wasn’t so ludicrous it would be hilarious. Joe Biden has spent decades in Washington, just like Nancy Pelosi, and he’s just now going to get around to fixing things? Where have you all been!

President Trump has been in office for three years fighting uphill against Democrat attempts to destroy his presidency since before he was sworn in, yet he has achieved more good for the country in three years than Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the rest of the Democrat extremists have accomplished in decades.

So while Nancy Pelosi may claim not to hate anyone, the word “hate” isn’t what should concern us as Americans. It’s the word ‘liar’ that we should be angry about. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party are liars, and have lied to the American people for decades. And it’s time Americans hold them accountable.

And not just at the ballot box. When one engages in a coup d’etat against a duly elected American president they must also be held accountable criminally. Which harkens back to a previous column I wrote for America Out loud which I believe justice demands. I wanna see hangins”!

Image: AP