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Have you ever wondered why some adults behave like children? From the over demanding micromanaging boss to the excessively clingy, needy love interest to the emotionally distant, shut-down friend who disappears when trouble comes…where do these behaviors start?

If we go back to the experience of our childhood we can find clues. One of the most painful wounds we see in childhood is separation, abuse or abandonment from a parent. The wound that created, which if not adequately healed or addressed can impact our future life. Since more than 50% of marriages end in divorce and given that there is no parenting manuals, we don’t know how to parent our children without making mistakes — despite our best effort.

Dr. Andre interviewed Gitte Winter, life coach and author, to discuss the circumstances of what happens when a child misses a loved one. Whether separated by distance or death we need to give our children ways to copy so that they do’t internalize it in ways which impact their self-esteem, self-worth or their ability to stay open and loving.

While it’s tempting to dismiss a clingy, emotional child or try to soothe them with words of explanation that they are still loved, although true, those words don’t touch or soothe that inner pain, wound, or longing. So more than just coping to get rough a painful period, we ned to empower our children with tools and techniques to help soothed help them become healthy, remain whole and build resilience. Meditation, visualization and mindfulness are some such tools that Dr. Andrea and co-host, Gitte Winter, discuss.

After being a ghostwriter on a book called “Student life without stress” and becoming aware of how many children are stressed out in Denmark – the world’s most happy country – Danish writer, Life Coach and Energy Mentor, GITTE WINTER, decided to share her philosophies of how to handle pressure in life. Gitte started meditating with her own daughters when they were 3 and 6 years old. She soon saw a huge benefit for them and was amazed by the effect meditation had on their sleep. So she decided to share her stories with the world. She also invited a mindfulness instructor to come teach at her children’s school and soon began a movement to teach the Danish schools about the benefits of mindfulness at school.

In 2014 Room for Reflection was founded in Denmark to inspire parents to become more conscious of their energy and the choices they make every day regarding their children. In 2015 the book “The Children’s Meditations in my heart” was launched in Danish as a hardcover and the first edition was sold out before it was even published.

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