When you think of being on the brink, where does your mind take you?

Does it take you to a place of fear; a vision of failure?
Do you retreat? Do you run?
Do you freeze, perhaps panic?
Or when that brink moment finds you, will you embrace it and conquer it and find the greatness inside?

When it seems impossible, how do you push forward against great odds? How is it that some people intuitively understand the gravity of the decision they’re about to make? It can be the brink of courage, the brink of death just before life, the brink of victim turned victor, the brink of societal change, the brink of peace in the world. The journey to get to the BRINK can be unpredictable, but knowing you’re at the BRINK – is the sign of greatness!

I don’t know if everyone on earth has greatness in time of danger, or in times when heroic courage is called for. I do believe it is in each one of us. The choice to embrace and conquer the brink, is truly a gift.

We are bombarded day in and day out with bad news, upsetting stories, lies and deception. Yet every day there are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. There are heroes amongst us in so many ways. There are people risking everything to help others. Remember the heroes of 911, or the man in the Waffle House. There are people who have physical or mental disabilities that persist and accomplish great feats. There are people giving gifts of kindness to others rather than turning their back. Heroes are as diverse as humanity, and they rise to the occasion when many would not, or could not. They get to the brink, and take the leap.

To celebrate good news, to honor good people, to be in awe at what one person can accomplish, too bear witness to heroic courage, to inspire and to share the best in humanity, The Brink of Greatness was created.

There are stories like Kristin Armstrong being the first woman to win three gold medals in cycling despite having to take years off for multiple hip surgeries. An inspirational story about an aircraft controller in the midst of an earthquake staying in a crumbling control tower to be sure a jet was able to take off, saving many lives. Jeff Evans, when faced with an inferno in the Camp Fires in California, he not only survives but rescues many of the dogs left behind. And so many more stories that focus on the good of humanity.

On my talk show on America Out Loud, Talking While Married, I am passionate about finding heroes amongst us, good news, and good people. I am now privileged to expand that passion to The Brink of Greatness.

I look forward to finding those stories and people that have stepped up, and made the leap when on the brink. I have so many now and because there is greatness in the human spirit, there are so many more. To share good news, to celebrate the goodness in us, to showcase heroic courage, to illuminate the best in us and inspire each of us, and when faced with that moment in life, to leap. 

To take a moment each day to celebrate with, cry with, be in amazement with these people stepping up to greatness will be a welcome respite from the bad news media. The stories are heartwarming, heartrending, poignant, joyous, emotional, and stunning. 

Please join me, Linda Martinelli, as we celebrate the best of humanity at The Brink of Greatness.

The 7 Golden Rules to arrive at the Brink of Greatness

1 – Your boundaries are 100% self-imposed by you. Be in charge of your own thoughts.

2 – Never settle for an average idea. Be exceptional and bold in your thinking and desires.

3 – Don’t follow, LEAD. Find alternative methods to break through the clutter.

4 – Question everything, the obvious and the not-so-obvious. What if? How come? Maybe, just maybe?

5 – Uniqueness is the golden rule. If everyone else is doing it, then don’t.

6 – Don’t panic when the idea seems absurd. Absurdity is oxygen for high flyers.

7 – Persistency. Take your idea to next-level thinking–all the way to the Brink of Greatness.