The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals have their own energetic frequencies that can have a profound effect on our body whether it’s to cleanse our energy field or protect us from absorbing other people’s negative energies or just to help us to focus and concentrate better.

Is there really something to these crystals that people in the metaphysical world use and sometimes wear as jewelry. Crystals have a healing power and can help you feel better in a number of ways – true or is it just a placebo effect?

Jessica Zavala and I talk about these different crystals and how they can help us and affect our body in different ways. Jessica, my regular monthly guest is an intuitive and life coach and the author of the book “Luv Is” which is about to be published this summer. Jessica says she didn’t believe in crystals 5 years ago but now she does after seeing how her clients have gotten some amazing results from using them.

There are many different types of crystals each with their own unique properties and “healing” abilities. There are also certain crystals that match up with our chakras which are different energy centers in our body from our tail bone to the crown of our head. These crystals can help each chakra to work better and be healthier. Some of the crystals that Jessica likes the most are:

Obsidian – protects against negative energies, cleanses your aura, and is a good protection stone.

Rose Quartz- a very feminine crystal – a crystal of love. It’s good to have around you to attract love to you.

Jade- a stone that brings success, luck , luxury, and money to you.

Tiger Eye- it helps with focus and is also a good protection, grounding stone that helps bring prosperity and good luck.

Amber- it’s calming and energizing, and also helps to cleanse the negativity from the energy field and bring patience, protection, love and shielding plus many other benefits to the wearer.

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