We are all “Made by Light”, no matter how it looks. Nothing exists outside the source, the universe, the divine creation. But it is concealed in endless and very convincing ways, to say the least. Our job as Lightworkers is not to “make light” or “work Light” but to be able to FIND the light that is underneath all there is, in every human being, in every situation. With the global challenges that we’re facing today, how do spiritual seekers become powerful, grounded Lightworkers who can raise the level of light and joy in their own lives, everywhere they go, and globally?

Halina Goldstein has published a CD with meditative improvisation: “Alive – A Love Recording”, a collection of Haiku-like contemplations: “Meditations for the Living” as well as a self-help book: “From Lonely To Home: A Workbook for finding your way.” She has written hundreds of inspirational articles, including for leading spiritual blogs such as TinyBuddha, FinerMinds and PickThe Brain.

Having explored various personal and spiritual growth modalities since 1973, Halina has been including these in other aspects of her work, particularly music, since 1980. She has an ability to connect with other people’s energy, feelings and soul, which has, among other things, enabled her to mentor and teach experienced spiritual seekers. Her expertise includes reconnecting with love, transforming loneliness to joy, integrating personal, creative and spiritual life, flow and awakening.

For Further Insight:
Download her free guided meditations and subscribe for updates on being a Lightworker: www.HalinaGold.com

Music credits:
“Rewind” by Blue Wednesday
“Apple Pie & Butterflies” by Blue Wednesday
“Vibe with Me” and “Mondays” by Joakim Karud
“No Words (Mosquito Beat)” by David Cutter Music www.DavidCutterMusic.co.uk

Dr. Andrea is your personal empowerment and transformation catalyst. A respected integrative medicine physician, acupuncturist, TEDx speaker & best-selling author, her media career spans more than two decades. Through Andrea’s regular appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz, iTV, CNN, the Today Show, LUXE-TV, Thrive Global and HuffingtonPost and as a news anchor for Discovery Health Channel she has gained a global following. Andrea is the host of her own talk show, Liberate Your Authentic Self and co-host of Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Pleasure, as featured on America Out Loud. In addition, Andrea is dedicated to raising the profile of Lightworkers, healers and change makers through publishing, personal branding and media production wtih Make Your Mark Global Media.
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