“The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion,” according to Mother Teresa and few know this truth better than counselor and co-founder of Rachel’s Vineyard and author of Tears of the Fisherman, Kevin Burke. He’s the quintessential professional who has helped countless men heal from the wounds of abortion. 

For twenty years, he’s been in the trenches assisting men overcome grief, shame, anger, addictions, pride, and the hurt which many times accompany abortion — sooner or later. Kevin helps to strengthen his brothers in Christ to become like Peter in the Bible who had to learn to honestly face his weaknesses, fear and mistrust to fully embrace his vocation and God’s mission for his life. Listen for healing…hope…redemption and reconciliation. Learn how men are becoming more Christ-like and made whole again with a spiritual connection with their lost children. 

Listen. Share the podcast. Because you’ll know someone who needs to hear this message of hope, love and charity found at Rachel’s Vineyard.

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Tears of the Fisherman

About the Book: Tears of the Fisherman will help readers understand the wider impact of abortion on men, their relationships, families, faith and work lives. Through case studies, personal testimony, and the author’s 20 years of experience in post-abortion counseling, you will encounter men devastated by unwanted abortions, the burden of shame and guilt carried by men who were passive at the time of the abortion decision or pressured their partners to abort, and the impact of abortion among the male prison population.

Chapters of the book explore the impact of abortion on relationships, male celebrity abortion stories, addiction and abortion loss, abortion in the African-American community, a grandfather’s story of family healing, and the recovery experience for men.

If you are a man who is confused about your abortion experience and wonder if the event had any impact on your life – this book is for you. If you want to reach out as a friend, family member, counselor or minister, Tears of the Fisherman will equip you with sensitivity and understanding to effectively guide men to recovery and peace. As you encounter the men in Tears of the Fisherman, you will discover that like the Apostle Peter’s painful denial of the Christ, they emerged from their journey of repentance and healing stronger, faith-filled and compassionate men.