There’ve been some funny goings on around here… and I’m blaming the moon.

No, really. I know you’re all used to blaming your parents, global warming, immigration, Donald Trump, that kid in high school who broke up with you and smashed your confidence, hell, even your hormones, rah, rah, rah. Well not this time. It’s the moon. She’s been messing with our emotions and turning us all into snivelling wrecks. Or, in a few rare cases, granting us hysterical euphoria.

It happened last week. I ran my usual monthly drumming and meditation evening and, from nowhere, a bunch of new people turned up who’d never visited before, as well as many of my regulars. More people than usual. Great. All was well, until we started the proceedings…

We had tears. Lots of them. That’s all good… it’s always wonderful to be able to hold a space safe enough for people to shift their energies and allow their emotions to flow freely. 

And then came the giggles. Uncontrollable, tear-streaming giggles. It seemed my group were either going through a big old dip, or releasing their energy in a far more hilarious way.

The evening came to a close. Everyone nicely grounded, calm, feeling chilled out, emotionally stronger and ready to drive home.

Just when you thought it was safe, as the movie tagline warns…

Still wondering what on earth just happened, I got home, switched on my phone and the Facebook message alerts started pinging, swiftly followed by my email inbox filling up.

Message after message from people experiencing a crisis. (Okay – I’m exercising a little hyperbole here for the sake of dramatic writing… it was only a handful of messages.)

Numbers aside, something was definitely afoot. 

After the unusually heightened emotions in my meditation circle, I couldn’t help but notice a pattern forming. I had emails from clients saying they were ready to throw in the towel and felt they’d never be able to make a go of their business, when they’d been planning for the future only days before; I had messages from family members saying they felt unloved and unwanted, and there were other messages from people citing various challenges, all talking about really O-T-T emotional reactions.

I helped everyone out as best I could, then shared a post on Facebook. The only common denominator was Grandmother Moon – she was in full new phase that night, so I posted to say I’d noticed lots of people experiencing some kind of emotional rollercoaster alongside the new moon.

It was as if I’d just set fire to a touch paper and stepped back to await the big bang!

Comment after comment from people thanking me, telling me how emotional they’d been feeling and hadn’t been able to understand why. Honestly, my post had been a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but now I was wondering if there just might be something to it.

You all know I’m a pretty spiritual gal, right? Well, planetary movements have never really been my thing – I don’t know much about them and, aside from sometimes putting some of those ‘wading through treacle’ times down to Mercury Retrograde, alongside everyone else looking for a hook to hang the blame on, I haven’t taken much notice of which stars are tangoing with which planets. I’ve always felt horoscopes and the like were a bit ‘up Uranus’ too. Far too general, far too full of Barnum statements, far too nonsensical to do anything other than snigger at whilst dunking a digestive into my tea. Was I being cynical? Maybe it’s an Ares thing.

Now, though, I was beginning to wonder…

Among all the emotional outpourings was the occasional comment from someone feeling on top of the world. An exact mirror of circle – lots of tears, interspersed with the occasional giggling fit – like a crazy court jester skipping into the middle of wake.

Was this real? Was the moon phase (apparently, she’s in Scorpio) really responsible for the bi polar nature of the moods going on in my hemisphere? A quick Google search told me the new moon in Scorpio brought lots of supressed emotions up to the surface. One of the commentators on my Facebook post, who knows far more about planetary movements and their apparent effects than I, said it was a purge. It certainly felt that way.

Even now, I’m getting private messages from people asking if they can share my post and thanking me for giving them some understanding of their sudden downturn in mood, previously a mystery, but now explained by one flippant Facebook post. 

Me? I was kind’ve okay. I hit a downer not long afterwards, then picked myself up again. I’m still not sure whether it was down to holding all those emotional outpourings for people, or if it was the dear old moon giving me an emotional enema. 

You know, for someone so spiritual and ‘in tune’, I’m still one helluva sceptic about some aspects of ‘woo woo’ land, but this episode really has made me think.

Next time there’s apparent mass hysteria (yeah, okay, that’s slightly hyperbolic again!), I might just stop and ask myself if life is really as dire as people say, or whether they’re temporarily howling at the moon.

Maybe you should ask yourself the same question. And remember, in the majority of cases when a low mood hits out of the blue, this too shall pass.

Until next time,