We saw this coming; we were warned and they still got away with it. They’re going to get away with a lot. Just a few short years ago, the Democrats would pull up to a voter tabulating center just at closing time with a trunkload of paper ballots that swung an election their way, screaming: “every vote must be counted,” until our side acquiesced and we lost the election.

Dead people voting for Democrats is no mystery anymore. Now, instead of lost car trunks filled with ballots miraculously showing up at counting houses at the last second, its theft by the internet using an NSA system called Hammer and Scorecard. Oh yes, they still rely on printed ballots as cover but the damage is done. 

Not content with having a spy on California Senator Diane Feinstein’s staff for twenty years, do Americans realize that China’s Emperor Xi Jinping now has a willing agent of influence in the White House? Yep, they bought him. Joe was for sale, cheap! 

Watch the US Military be quickly withdrawn from the South Pacific. Watch the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan re-evaluate their positions vis-a-vis⏤China’s growing military belligerency toward all its neighbors. Vietnam is especially miffed by Trump’s loss to her enemies. The Vietnamese know what China is capable of doing, what its intentions are, and how they will carry them out. 

Under a Biden Administration, the Marxist American foreign policy will permit China to expand its hegemony in the South China Sea uninterrupted by America’s military forces. Under Biden’s administration, we can expect US manufacturing to return to Obama subpar employment levels, with its attendant poverty levels and joblessness, while our money flows into China’s coffers once again and we reap the cheap junk that comes our way.

Biden’s Marxist government will make us happy with cheap stuff from China that will keep us from rebelling. It’s all part of the Marxist plan for America, then the world. We were warned! There will be blood in the streets.

Watch all criminal charges against the FBI scoundrels, Biden’s family and the Clinton’s simply disappear into the nether, and all this while still more charges loom on the horizon.

Was the One America News Network (OAN) the only network to report that a court in Ukraine had listed Joe Biden as a criminal suspect regarding his admitted role in the firing of Ukraine’s State prosecutor investigating Burisma Energy company and Hunter Biden’s role in it? 

Not one American news network other than OAN reported this news. Even Fox has ignored the story, gleefully adding to Trump’s election woes by declaring Arizona for Biden even before the polls closed. They didn’t even give cemeteries enough time to rebury the dead after the vote before they too joined the course of “Orange man’s bad, let’s get back to normal.”

Normal? There is no normal anymore. What the Left has done is saved on record and will haunt the Leftists politicians for decades, if America lasts that long. That cat’s out of the bag and it’s not going back in. We’ve watched alleged Republicans drag their feet on supporting Trump. Now, they brag about being Republicans for Biden. These are traitors and their actions have all but rendered the Republican Party redundant, useless and unnecessary. Time to change.

Joe has no skills to claim that he is a unifying leader. He’s not even a leader. He can’t be a president for all Americans because his far-left party won’t let him. This is their grand opportunity to socialize America or bring it to its knees by bloodshed.

Grassroots conservatives, those that turned out in the thousands to Trump rallies, must seriously consider reregistering as independents. America is a seriously divided country. Politically we will not agree, ever.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: AP