Hatred in Charlottesville Divides the Nation

Hatred comes in all colors and it’s equally unjust. Whether it’s Black Lives Matter or White Supremacists, it’s all wrong and serves to further divide us as a nation. This has been a theme of division over the past many years: Divide racially, socially, economically. A house divided cannot stand. Divide and Conquer. As Americans, we need to come together in a single national identity as Americans. Not as African-Americans, or Hispanic Americans or white Americans but just as Americans. Isn’t that enough?

We need to expose the underlying strategy of the Alt-Left who want to create instability and division to further their Progressive goals. The root of these groups and those who organize them need to be investigated and dealt with harshly.

Colonel Jamie Williamson, retired US Army Special Forces officer, discusses the well planned and well-orchestrated strategy of the Progressive Left to undermine President Trump, his administration, and his allies. There has been, and ongoing still, a strategy of propaganda and misinformation to discredit and damage the President and his presidency. Jamie exposes the David Brock-George Soros Alt-Left conspiracy of Media Matters and other Progressive organizations to undermine the Trump Presidency and all it stands for. This is their stated goal and now it has led to violence and death. It has to be exposed and stopped in its tracks.

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