From Black Panther to conservative activist, Mason Weaver is blazing across America teaching how the slave mentality is keeping many people in bondage and he uncovers who benefits when men choose shackles. Author of It’s OK to Leave the Plantation, Mason explains what it was like to grow up experiencing racism and how it made him want to succeed all the more. First, though, he takes us on his journey of sheer hatred of anything white after 2,800 pounds of steel crushed his body. . . and then God knit his heart and body back together again.

Mason’s distinctive point of view is a direct result of a past tragedy that has produced a present day triumph. After approximately 2800 pounds of steel and iron plates fell on him, while on active naval duty in San Diego, California, the Navy classified him disabled and discharged him. Mason found himself unskilled and disabled. He had to discover a new way of earning a living.

Mason Weaver is the author of It’s OK to Leave the Plantation, The Rope, Diamond in the Rough, and Polishing the Diamond in the Rough which discusses the social issues that affect us all and that bind us together. Noted for his quick wit, vigorous debate and forceful oratory, Mason is a challenge to the opposition and an instructive persuasive counselor to allies.

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