Videos and pictures of people sleeping on almost every street corner; along with highway overpasses, alleys, and across from multi-million dollar mansions. Some are in tents, others are in the open-air⏤entire pedestrian walks covered by both adults and children⏤in some cases a blanket if they’re lucky. Garbage, human waste and drugs permeate the air. Conditions are filthy; there is no water, no sanitation⏤disease and sickness, plague, typhus, flu, and measles now spreading throughout the land. We’re not talking Venezuela here⏤cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco and being overrun with homelessness and crime. 

California Gov Newsome has made a promise of free medical care for illegals; the state already provides driver’s licenses without citizenship, and so much more free stuff. Tax the rich, is the repeated cry! Make them pay their fair share is the rallying call. The problem is the top 5% of California tax payers pay 90% of all taxes⏤Local, State and Federal. Are they deliberately trying to destroy the state?

Linda Martinelli is an Entrepreneur, Owner and President Proforma Graphic PrintSource; a weekly columnist and the host of Talking While Married. The Panel of Voices for this episode: Jewels Jones is a Political Activist, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner. Arnetta Notkin, 30 years working on Wall Street, a Producer and Political Commentator. 

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