What Happens if You Change 5% of Your Habits? 2

What if you were 5% Smarter? 5% Faster. What if you made 5% More sales? What if you were 5% healthier? What if you saved 5% More? Author Michael Alden says it’s the small modifications in our life that make the big differences – that 5% More effort can get you everything you want in life.

“A dream without a plan is just a dream,” says Alden –  but what percentage of people actually have their plans written down? And how important is it to write it down? Can someone dream and achieve the plan from their mind?

How is it that Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt win consistently? What do they do that other athletes don’t?

Take the next 30 minutes for yourself and listen in to Michael Alden. I promise you this – you’ll learn something about yourself and you’ll start to ask the questions that can reshape your entire life.

61FpBM8OmyL._UX250_Michael Alden is an Author and the CEO of Blue Vase Marketing, an Inc. 5000 company three years in a row. Mr. Alden is the author of the best seller Ask More Get More. His latest book 5% More is published by publisher John Wiley & Sons and already recognized as a must read by Amazon.

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5% More, Michael Alden
5% More, Michael Alden
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