This story starts at a doorstep back in 1991 in the country of Romania. Baby Hannah was left hours after birth, umbilical cord still attached to her tiny body. When Hannah was discovered, she was still bleeding, but alive⏤as the homeowners called the authorities with the news.

Hannah Elisabeth Dougherty

Alone, lost with an uncertain future… Hannah would say, “the despair and loneliness would surface throughout my middle school years when I began to understand my adoption and experience the trials and triumphs of growing up.”

The orphanages in Romania were overloaded with babies. What are the chances that an American couple would find their way to Romania in search for a daughter to love? The story of Hannah from that doorstep to a new life in America might only happen in fairytales⏤consider this a real life fairytale.

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The Next Leap Forward

Hannah Elisabeth Dougherty founded GenUp Sports in 2018, with the goal of serving and giving hope to disadvantaged and at-risk youth in the Texas area, through educational scholarships and leadership programs.

GenUp’s staff and volunteers know firsthand the benefits access to physical enrichment activities, mentorship, and peer support provide children and young adults. GenUp’s programs enhance lives by providing the resources and accessibility necessary for them to thrive through sports and a healthy lifestyle. They also provide the one on one attention children and teens need to build confidence, develop trust, and instill the leadership skills necessary to thrive as adults and serve their communities.

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