Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report: Have you heard the one about the blockbuster movie on America’s journey to the moon but they forgot the flag? Hard to imagine but all true and the centerpiece of controversy at water coolers everywhere. Surely while we have experts from NASA here we must talk about the recent headlines on the ten year doom scenario circulating the media on the climate change crisis! Today on Viewpoint we will explore all the top stories of the week. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here.

Top Stories of the Week

Ilana Freedman and Dr Carol Swain provide the analysis and in-depth discussion on the top stories that you need to know.

  • Nikki Haley Resigns as UN Ambassador
  • Kavanaugh takes to the Court
  • Trump Decides to keep Rod Rosenstein (for now) Where is AG Jeff Sessions?
  • Google did not disclose security bug because it feared regulation

POWER PANEL – Tom Wysmuller, Dr Hal Doiron and Professor Larry Bell are our Power Panel this week as we explore, discuss and debate globalism vs. patriotism or nationalism some would say, and Climate Change, the real truth!

First Man Movie Misses The Mark

July 20, 1969, as all of America held their collective breath, we heard the words “the Eagle has landed” as we witnessed the first steps by humans on another planetary body, taken by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. I don’t think there were any words to describe the feelings of all Americans at that moment. First Man The Movie is out on the big screen with ONE BIG OMISSION – they left out the America Flag. This was one of the greatest moments in American history, so why did Hollywood choose to make this a global effort?

Truth or Consequences on Climate Change ?!?

The headline in the Washington Post read: The world has just over a decade to get climate change under control, U.N. scientists say. The media continues to beat the drum loud – but how accurate are these claims? It seems we’ve been talking about rising sea levels, record temperatures and violent storms all in the context of climate change and global warming. What is the truth about the omissions created by humans and the effect?

Tom Wysmuller worked in the Apollo NASA era and lectures on Space Program and Climate Issues all over the world. He just came back from chairing part of the University of Porto’s Climate Conference in Portugal. He is a founding member of the Johnson Space Center based “Right Climate Stuff” group.

Dr. Hal Doiron was a NASA engineer during the Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle programs and was a Senior Manager at McDonnell Douglas and Boeing during International Space Station design and development. He leads The Right Climate Stuff research team of NASA retirees in its independent study of human-caused global warming.

Professor Larry Bell is a professor of space architecture at the University of Houston…author of more than 500 articles for Forbes and Newsmax…including books on the climate hoax.

OCT 10th 6PM EST

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