Democrats believe that on the issue of gun violence, the 2nd Amendment is wholly responsible and should be made redundant; as if guns, as inanimate objects, are responsible for running around killing innocent people. Having failed to sell that nonsense to a growing majority of 2A supporting Americans, that now includes liberals who never thought of owning a firearm let alone entertain the prospect of using one against a fellow human being, are now buying out gun stores. So, that argument is now meaningless!

What one entity however, does have the authority to lawfully shoot someone in the course of their daily business? Why, it’s the police, and even their statistics on how many blacks, or whites for that matter, are dispatched to their great reward by police guns during apprehensions or while avoiding arrests, tells a far different story. So, what to do now?

The Democrats have  returned to white supremacy and systemic racism as the primary cause of so many black deaths, while ignoring the growing ledger of statistics to the contrary. 

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) in a recent interview said: “White communities use violence to suppress Black communities. Once again attempting to blame all the woes of black community violence on the shoulders of whites by alleging white supremacy and privilege as a motive. No one asked him to explain how the white community was responsible for the exclusively high death toll committed by black vs black every weekend in Chicago, or Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta and other Democrat run cities.

Violence is the common denominator and yes, mostly by guns held in the hands of a black sub culture that embraces death, yours or theirs. Culture differences are the danger, not the Second Amendment. 

Sen. Murphy wrote a book on the subject attempting to understand “human lethal aggression” and how it can be addressed. He seeks to lay all the motives for violent aggression on whites, not the gun wielders. Apart from firearms, many are killed by bats, clubs, hammers and knives, weapons capable of inflicting violent deaths.

But why focus on guns?

Because they are the instrument of choice by “gangsta” young men and, as more American citizens have armed themselves for self-defense, the Marxists Democrats will be unable to complete their violent takeover of American cities, already underway in Portland, Seattle, LA, San Francisco, Baltimore and DC, by their aggressive Stormtroopers, the Antifa’s and BLM.

So, if they can’t disarm Americans, at least they can try to reform the police by making it easier for the socially challenged part of society to achieve parity through street crime without consequences.

The Antioch, California District Attorney, a Democrat, has told her prosecutors to consider the “needs of the perpetrators before making a criminal charge.” Say what? They’re talking about the rash of looting of commercial establishments now happening under the excuse of ‘reparations.’ But, what if the looting gangs show up in your town and your neighborhood and start rummaging around in your garage because they need a lawnmower or your new work boots. (I know, two bad examples!), but that’s where Democrats are taking us and, they are encouraging a violent response from 2A victims. It could be coming but, we are warned.

The BLM – Antifa’s riots are losing steam, at least in the public’s mind. Citizens in some communities, well aware of the dangers to civil order, are already quietly organizing to defend their communities from destruction when bus loads of black clad SS Stormtroopers suddenly appear and set about their terrorism. WWII had Civil Defense units. Maybe its time to consider doing something like that again. That’s a job for our County Sheriffs’ to start working on.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!