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More then ever before, policing in America is a high-stakes, life-threatening proposition. Bottomline is the rules of the game have definitely changed for law enforcement. If we’re to be honest with each other here, the yesteryear visions of little boys and girls dreaming for a career in blue – may be a thing of the past. You can connect the dots yourself – if you simply draw a line from Ferguson to Baltimore to Washington D.C. – you’ll have enough evidence to make my case.

With all that said, I decided it was time to interview a guy who knows a thing or two about OFFICER SURVIVAL in a troubled world. Richard Nance is a straight shooter – for real – okay pun intended. But I promise you this, you’ll learn something from him and his book.

Some in leadership are continually crying out for “softer” policing, yet the street cop knows that their very life may depend on the ultimate law enforcement tool, their service weapon. As Sergeant Major Kyle Lamb suggest, this should be required information for ANYONE CARRYING A FIREARM, especially citizens who have chosen to carry daily.

Richard Nance

The ultimate survival challenge in police combat is the topic of this week’s interview. Richard Nance, an active duty Police Officer, former SWAT cop and author of “Gunfight! An Integrated Approach to Shooting and Fighting in Close Quarters” discusses with host Lieutenant Randy Sutton, the all too important topic of Officer Survival. Tune in to hear this life preserving information.

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Richard Nance is a Veteran Police Officer, former SWAT Team Leader, Firearms Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Less Lethal Munitions Instructor, Taser Instructor, Weaponless Defense Instructor, Impact Weapons Instructor, and Karate Blackbelt. Co-host of Handguns & Defensive Weapons (2014-2015). Host of Personal Defense TV (2012-2013 seasons). Field Editor for Guns & Ammo TV’s “Police Perspective Segment” (2010-2011 seasons). Project Manager for WARTAC CQC magazine (2010-2011) and Personal Defense magazine (2012-2013). Monthly Contributor to Guns & Ammo magazine & Contributing Editor to Handguns magazine. Frequent Contributor to Special Interest Publications such as WARTAC CQC, Personal Defense, Tactical Operator, Book of the AR-15, Book of the 1911, Book of the AK-47, Mossberg Catalog, Black Hills Ammunition Catalog, Taurus Catalog, and Combat Arms.