In response to the horrific killing in Las Vegas, the left has rushed to the microphones to politicize this event. Hillary Clinton is calling for a ban on silencers. Would someone please tell her that a silencer isn’t even able to be used on an automatic weapon? Chuck Schumer and others have turned this into yet another opportunity to renew their efforts to ban guns.

The rush to gun control is flawed. Gun-free zones just don’t work – look at Washington D.C., Baltimore and Chicago. Murder rates soar in gun-free zones.

First and foremost – fully automatic weapons are legal in Nevada. I’m a big 2nd amendment person, but I am fine with FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS being banned completely.

As the investigation of the shooter takes place, there are many details to be explored and reported. Thus, I am not rushing to judgement, but taking a moment to say a prayer for those who lost their lives and are still fighting to stay alive in a Las Vegas hospital as I type this.

This is a very sad day in America. The last thing we need right now are those trying to score political points raving about gun control. Good, law-abiding American citizens view our 2nd amendment as a key component to our own self-defense.

This shooting had nothing to do with the right to own a firearm. It’s all about a madman unleashing on innocents. His insane plot took a long time to plan and put into place. There were behaviors and deliberate actions that led up to this gruesome event. The gunman who killed innocent people at the concert at the Mandalay Hotel had to have given some signs of unusual behavior prior to this sickening attack. The key to preventing such dreadful action would be to catch these guys before the first shot is fired.  

As his actions prior to the attack are scrutinized, what we need to do right now, as a nation, is to come together in prayer for the innocent victims.

My heart was touched as I viewed the long lines of blood donors outside the trauma hospitals in Las Vegas today.

Ironically, many among those in attendance at the country music concert were veterans, law enforcement, and firefighters – and a number of these wonderful people were injured or killed as they tried to help others. These first responders reacted quickly and bravely.  Those who stepped into harm’s way to help others are to be commended. They are true heroes.

As the days and weeks ahead provide us with more information – I will close my eyes and say a prayer for those who have lost so much.

It is beyond comprehension to process what has happened in Las Vegas.

IMAGE: John Locher / AP

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