Gun Control Equals Left Control

Does anyone who is in their “right mind” want to shoot someone with a firearm? The answer is no, they don’t. Now why is that? Because each of us is born with natural born tendencies at birth, one of those is the preservation of one’s own life. We instinctively know we would not want someone to shoot us or harm us in any other fashion, and understanding how important that is, those in their right mind certainly would not want to shoot anyone or physically harm anyone else. There are over 327 million people and rising and living in the United States, bear that in mind when reviewing some logic –

  1. If we ban even one firearm from law abiding hands will it end there? No.
  2. If all firearms were turned in and melted down, would criminals do the same and turn theirs in? No. There are millions of firearms in our nation and many in the hands of criminals.
  3. When a shooting starts and 911 is called will the police make it in time to stop the shooting? No. The shooting is already over when they get there. So who is the first responder? You are.

According to the Department of Justice, from 1993-2011 Firearm homicides have gone down—

Has firearm sales gone up? The chart below shows background checks by the FBI but don’t record the sales of them, but most likely gun purchases have gone way up, because in order to purchase a firearm there has to be a background check before you can buy from a licensed dealer.—

FBI Background checks prior to a Firearm purchase

So, do more guns mean more deaths after reviewing the 2 charts above? No. What it does tell one is that guns are safe and in fact have caused Homicide rates to drop. Now wouldn’t it be smart to add armed security in areas where a mass of unarmed people would gather? I dare to say that the Florida school that was shot up in February, where 17 sadly died, may have had a different outcome had there been more than one armed guard at the school. As it turned out the one armed guard was outside when the shooting started inside on a very large campus.

Based on the previous logical analysis, why then do so many people who happen to be of the Democrat or rather Socialist or Communist persuasion, that we call the Left, want to ban firearms in the first place? Why would they go to such extremes as to teach falsehoods about our Second Amendment in public education?

The wrong Second Amendment

The right Second Amendment

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. 

It’s the Left that has blood on its hands. They set up these situations on purpose, they run the schools. Their goal is national disarmament. Though the Left was born in America, they certainly are not American as was set by our founding. They are the enemy within. Just as any other nation has undergone a revolution of some type, the Left in America is no different. They have been around America in numbers ever since the fall of the Czar Empire of Russia and replaced with Communists that held together a brutal regime, not only in Russia but still holding elsewhere in the world. They butchered, tortured and imprisoned millions of their own people, who by the way were disarmed by these “controllers of people”. Were these people of the Communist and National Socialist (Germany) regimes that were in charge disarmed? No. These are the same type of people calling for gun control today in the United States today, make no mistake.

Moreover, we don’t need less gun laws or less guns, in fact we need to be smarter and protect those areas where a mass of people congregate, because someone will try and make an attack as many have done over our history. Guns will always be around, there are no magic spells to whisk them away and there will always be those who want to control people in one form or the other, to them it’s about the elixir of power over people, where they decide who lives and who dies at their hands.

Now let us look at what the Texas Public Policy Foundation report of 2002 found inside a textbook on Social Studies concerning our U.S. Constitution. Softening up young minds to suggestion for “change”, change such as the gun law argument today along with many other issues the Left may want theses young minds changed to. Keeping them open to suggestion by teaching them outright lies where the government decides on issues.

“Prentice Hall – Magrudger’s American Government – High School level” 

“Winston Holt Call to Freedom 8th Grade American History”

When it comes to education of our youth, the sad part is what teachers have done to our children, as well as what major textbook manufactures have done over the decades, printing falsehoods and outright lies to be fed to our youth, thereby brainwashing them. The classroom should be looked at as the battle front in our classrooms as ground zero where it all begins. Continue to fail at stopping this indoctrination and eventually the Left will have all the numbers it needs in people to press home its dark agenda for hard tyranny at the voting booth. My grandson told me several weeks ago how everyone in his class wanted to live under Socialism by raising their hands, when the teacher indicated she wanted to live under Socialism not Capitalism. My grandson was the only one who did not raise his hand because he was taught by his parents otherwise.

The Left is at war with America and they will never ever stop. Our children need a more robust alternative and taken away from these vile brainwash artists in public education. There are many types of war and America needs to wake up even more so today than ever before, this is no nightmare, because we are in one! Unless we as a nation remove this dangerous ideology out of the classrooms, once and for all, it will eventually, consume our nation into darkness. America’s enemy today is born right here on our soil—”The enemy is within the gates

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