It’s about control.

There are always three steps in the destruction of a free society, and they involve what Democrats refer to as “gun control”:

1. Pump up hatred in small minority communities against the peaceful majority. In our present time, this would be against we the Deplorables, the MAGA Republicans

2. Disarm innocent citizens so they can’t fight back

3. Shoot the people who don’t fit the new world order

Stalin in Russia, Hitler in Germany, Maduro in Venezuela… were all the same pattern. It never varies. And in America today, with the Democrats as the diabolical tyrants that they have become; make no mistake about it, there is a target on our backs.

Germany in 1933, then the NAZI Party assumed power as a minority; one of the first things they did, was to confiscate guns.

In case anyone thinks the use of this Nazi pattern for the Democrat Party is misplaced… see this “cartoon” run by the Washington Post on December 18th.

It depicts Trump supporters as rats:

The same imagery as Nazis used against the Jews in Germany.

The objective is to dehumanize people, so the left’s violent forces can kill us without conscience.

It’s not unusual in modern history. History shows us what awaits us if we stand by and do nothing. What does this mean in terms of pure and simple self-preservation for our families and friends,⏤the people we love?

After we have exhausted all the standard procedures… the courts, the state legislatures, congress,⏤all of which have been corrupted to death by the Democrats, when all traditional avenues have been exhausted, we must act to take our country back to restore law, order, and justice.